On a board sailing at a speed of 53.33 knots!

November 19, 2019       On a board sailing at a speed of 53.33 knots!       On the Luderitz Peninsula in Namibia, the traditional Luderitz Speed ​​Challenges are in full swing, with participants trying to break the speed record for objects under sail. The 800-meter trail in Luderitz is considered the best place in the world for speed-sailing, since blowing from the desert (in October – November with speeds of up to 60 knots and even more!), The drying wind creates ideal conditions Read more

With a speed of 80 knots!

Three young engineers – graduates of the Swiss engineering school (EPFL) – has set itself an ambitious goal: to set a new world speed record under sail and, thus, to bring this achievement in Europe. A project that young engineers have begun work with the support of the same EPFL, called SP80. The number 80 in the name is not accidental – such (or even greater) speed in knots (that is, 148 kilometres per hour!) need to develop an apparatus Read more

Wind – 70 knots, wave height – 8 meters

March 15, 2019       Wind – 70 knots, wave height – 8 meters       In such inhuman conditions, a few days ago, on the north-west coast of Ireland, the traditional windsurfing superextremel tournament took place – Red Bull Storm Chase. And everyone was happy! No, no joke – just happy. Because the previous three years of the storm, unfortunately, was not. And then, finally, lucky: it seemed impossible to think up worse conditions! The principle is this: the eight best windsurfing masters Read more

Wind – 70 knots, wave height of 8 meters

In such inhuman conditions a few days ago in the North-West coast of Ireland was the traditional tournament of superextreme from the Windsurfing Red Bull Storm Chase. And everyone was happy! No kidding – it is happy. Because three years prior to the storm, unfortunately, was not. And finally, lucky worse conditions to come up with, it seems, was not! The principle is this: eight of the world’s best Windsurfing, waiting at home, in different countries, a nod from the Read more

A device for the knitting of knots Fish Bone

Moving eight, top knot, Honda, wet-half-hitch, cow knot, the constrictor, Flemish loop, the southern cross is in the world there are hundreds of different knots. How many of them will be useful to practice beforehand never really know. But if this practice in my life very little, there is a possibility at the right moment not to think of any one of the nodes. It is with such thoughts came to his creation designer Brent Garcia (Brent Garcia) of Las Read more

Catamaran from Glider Yachts will accelerate to 100 knots

The company Glider Yachts from London presented the results of their dedication and hard work – sports boat is a catamaran, able to accelerate to 100 knots. The creators say the new vessel is designed according to the same principles on which today is built the industry of private aviation and Formula 1 racing. Verified Aero – and hydrodynamic characteristics, stability, comfort and safety at high speed and in rough seas that put architects from Glider Yachts in the first Read more