RC44 Cup 2019: an unexpected end

November 18, 2019       RC44 Cup 2019: an unexpected end       The victory of the Slovenian Ceeref on November 17 ended the thirteenth season of the monotype class RC44 – 44Cup. Vladimir Prosikhin, who claimed victory in the Nika season, was content only with bronze, and Battleship spent the best stage of the year. According to the laws of the genre, the final stage of 44Cup, which took place on November 13-17 at Palma de Mallorca, pleased with incredible stress and an Read more

Five and nine

November 18, 2019       Five and nine       In the town of Le Maren on the island of Martinique, participants continue to finish the single transatlantic race Mini-Transat. In the Proto division, five riders have already completed the 2700-mile distance of the second stage, in the division of serial yachts – nine. But most are still on the road, including our Fedor Druzhinin (Proto). The Russian is still in 18th place, and until Martinique he remains (at 10.30 Moscow time) to go Read more

Novosibirsk invites!

November 18, 2019       Novosibirsk invites!       In early December 2019, the Siberian Cup will open a new decade of Siberian snowkiting and winter windsurfing for adults and children! From December 4 to 9, the largest All-Russian winter kiting and windsurfing competitions “Siberian Cup” will be held on the Boomerang Beach in Novosibirsk for the 11th time! More than 150 athletes from all over the country gather here every year for the opening of the season. The program is planned not only Read more

On a board sailing at a speed of 53.33 knots!

November 19, 2019       On a board sailing at a speed of 53.33 knots!       On the Luderitz Peninsula in Namibia, the traditional Luderitz Speed ​​Challenges are in full swing, with participants trying to break the speed record for objects under sail. The 800-meter trail in Luderitz is considered the best place in the world for speed-sailing, since blowing from the desert (in October – November with speeds of up to 60 knots and even more!), The drying wind creates ideal conditions Read more

Druzhinin: the finish is getting closer

November 19, 2019       Druzhinin: the finish is getting closer       Fedor Druzhinin (759) remains 131.5 miles to the finish line in the town of Le Maren on the island of Martinique. He still takes 18th place in the Proto division in the second stage of the Mini-Transat race and is now at a speed of 5.2 knots. Marie Zhendron (930), which is 19th, Druzhinin ahead of 70 miles, so that the Frenchwoman, apparently, will no longer compete with the Russian. But Read more

I overtook two!

November 20, 2019       I overtook two!       News from the distance of the second stage of the Mini-Transat race: in just a few hours, Fedor Druzhinin (759) will finish in the town of Le Maren on the island of Martinique. Only 19 miles to go! Moreover, in the last hours Druzhinin managed to get ahead of two rivals at once – Rafael Lutar (900) and Pierre Moisan (630), so now the Russian is 16th in the Proto division! Mini-Transat Race Site Read more

Ahead – Cape Town!

November 20, 2019       Ahead – Cape Town!       The 15th day of the race of four Brest Atlantiques four maxi trimarans ends with a length of 14,000 miles. Most of the distance – 8,000 miles – is already behind. It is planned that tonight the leader of the race – Maxi Edmond de Rothschild (skippers – Frank Kamma / Charles Codrelier) will approach Cape Town. The rest – early Thursday morning. On the last day, there was a moment when catamarans Read more

And frost and blizzard

Yesterday       And frost and blizzard       According to the website of the Federation of Sailing of the Novosibirsk Region, on November 18, the Big Cup of Siberia, the open championship of the Novosibirsk Region in sailing in the DN buer class, ended on the ice of the Novosibirsk reservoir. Frosty weather at the beginning of the competition and a blizzard on the last day of the regatta caused a lot of trouble to the participants and judges. However, boerists once again Read more