Wind – 70 knots, wave height – 8 meters

March 15, 2019

      Wind – 70 knots, wave height – 8 meters
      In such inhuman conditions, a few days ago, on the north-west coast of Ireland, the traditional windsurfing superextremel tournament took place – Red Bull Storm Chase. And everyone was happy!

Wind - 70 knots, wave height - 8 meters

No, no joke – just happy. Because the previous three years of the storm, unfortunately, was not. And then, finally, lucky: it seemed impossible to think up worse conditions!

The principle is this: the eight best windsurfing masters in the world are waiting at home, in different countries, as the organizers. If they report that a storm is coming, the participants have 72 hours to get to the starting point. AND…

The winner of the Red Bull Storm Chase 2019 was the 28-year-old Aussie Jagger Stone. When the tournament ended, he said:

– Actually, it was completely insane to act in such conditions. Everything else is also brutally cold – I just can’t warm my hands. But it was awesome !!!

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