Reality show about yachtsmen!

October 9, 2019       Reality show about yachtsmen!       Four teams – future participants in the 36th draw of the America Cup – one after another, demonstrated their fans their AC75 yachts. And what about the fifth team – Stars + Stripes, representing the yacht club of the city of Long Beach in California? For a long time nothing was heard about her – maybe she was going to leave the game? The question is not idle – if only because the Read more

A reality show about yachting!

Four teams – the future participants of the 36th of the Cup “America” – one after another showed the fans their yachts АС75. What is the fifth command – Stars+Stripes, representing the yacht club of long beach in California? About it for a long time nothing was heard – maybe even going to quit the game? Not an idle question – not least because the team on the West coast of the United States joined the fight at the last Read more

About smart and fools

September 2, 2019       About smart and fools       We bring to your attention a comment by Vasily Senatorov, published in the September issue of Yacht Russia magazine under the heading "From the publisher." I don’t know what it is, the everyday experience or the profession of a journalist, but there is less and less confidence in me in the great-heartedness of idealists. And how many times he gave himself a vow, but I can’t hold back … The sail is in Read more

About smart and stupid

We offer you a review of Vasily Senatorov published in the September issue of magazine Yacht Russia, under the heading “From the publisher”. Don’t know what it is, life experience or profession of the journalist, but me less and less confidence in the idealism of the idealists. And how many times had he promised himself, but not holding back… The sail is now in Vogue. Especially in the escapists. According to them, ahtoska is a great tool to get away Read more

About people's diplomacy

Yesterday       About people's diplomacy       This is discussed in the commentary by Vasily Senatorov, published in the August issue of Yacht Russia magazine under the heading “From the publisher”. “The Russians stole Marblehad Trophy,” a couple of months ago, an old dragon buddy, a German citizen, told me. "And what do you see theft?" – I asked. – The Russian won, in accordance with the Cup Donation Act, he decides himself where to hold the competition. So I chose St. Petersburg. Read more

About manageability

June 4, 2019       About manageability       Our colleagues working on the #EsmeraldaOK page continue to talk about Sir Robin Knox-Johnston’s report on the results of the Golden Globe Race. Sir Robin's recommendations are not limited to the use of floating anchors and pearls. When the worst part of the storm is over, and it seems that you can relax a little, it's time to think about the handling of the boat. Suppose the wind was so strong that the skipper removed Read more

It is not just about the money

The main news last Monday for the sailing world was, of course, the message about the death of the 130-foot (39.6 m) mega yachts My Song, falling into the water from the deck carrying her cargo ship. That happened to My Song, told thousands of websites, Newspapers and television stations around the world, but what is surprising: the details – virtually no. For each other in repeated and continue to repeat the same facts. Supposedly, the incident occurred in the Read more

A documentary about the Maiden will be released in wide release in the UK on 8 March

A documentary by Alex Holmes (Alex Holmes) about the first female team participating in the round-the-world race Whitbread Round the World Race 1989-1990, will be released in the UK and Ireland in international women’s day. Yesterday, March 7, will also host a special screening with the participation of the main heroine of the film, Tracy Edwards (Tracy Edwards), skipper of Maiden during the historical regatta. After the screening the audience will have the opportunity to talk with Edwards and ask Read more

Spindrift 2 reached the equator is about 23 hours faster boat record in the Jules Verne Trophy

Team a 40-meter Maxi-trimaran Spindrift 2, which is 16 January, went into nonstop circumnavigation to try to put a speed record and to win the Jules Verne Trophy, celebrating the first small victory. On the morning of 21 January, 4 days, 20 hours and 23 minutes after the start of the trip, the boat crossed the equator. Until this first “control points” trimaran arrived in 22 hours and 47 minutes faster than the ship’s past record of Frenchman Francis Guaiana Read more

About this brave new world!

Over the past few years, the Russian businessmen have learned many new concepts of CFC (controlled foreign company), automatic exchange of information… They are made for us, Russians, the global wave of changes aimed at combating tax evasion and money laundering. Innovations, alas, include those who owns a yacht abroad through offshore structures. What changes I have in mind? We are talking about almost complete rejection of the institution of Bank secrecy and the creation of an international system of Read more