Starts the pre-Olympic regatta

In the yacht Harbor on the Japanese island of Enoshima where next year will take place sailing regatta of the Games in 2020, which will start pre-Olympic tournament, which will be attended by more than 360 sailors, including from Russia. The first race will take place on Saturday, August 17. Will end with a regatta on Thursday, August 22. About the level of the upcoming event, says such a fact: at the start there will be 30 winners and medalists Read more

Pre-Olympic regatta starts

Today       Pre-Olympic regatta starts       In the yacht harbor on the Japanese island of Enoshima, where the Games 2020 sailing regatta will take place in a year, the pre-Olympic tournament kicks off, in which more than 360 yachtsmen, including from Russia, will take part. The first race will take place on Saturday, August 17. The regatta will end on Thursday, August 22. The fact of the upcoming competitions is evidenced by the following fact: 30 champions and prize-winners of the previous Read more

We invite to the regatta in Holland!

April 8, 2019       We invite to the regatta in Holland!       The Attorneys Cup invites you to take part in the adventure! Sailing – in Holland in the first decade of May! We understand that you most likely have been to Holland. But have you seen her from the boat? If not, consider that you are not yet familiar with this Holland. Well, there is a chance to improve the case – besides, in May, when everything breathes in spring and Read more

"Another half regatta ahead!"

April 12, 2019       "Another half regatta ahead!"       Elena Otekina especially for Yacht Russia tells about the events of the second racing day of the 44Cup Porto Montenegro regatta, held in Montenegro © Elena Otekina The second racing day, contrary to expectations, did without rain and calm. After a night thunderstorm, a north wind appeared over Tivat in the morning, but not that storm-famous local Bura, but her younger brother Burin. This weak unstable north breeze dispersed the clouds and forced Read more

The joy of victory at the Ostankino regatta

May 15, 2019       The joy of victory at the Ostankino regatta       Last weekend, the 20th Children's Ostankino Regatta was held in Moscow, which has been held on the Ostankino pond since 1974 in honor of the victory in the Great Patriotic War. Since last year, it has acquired the format of a city-wide holiday, where it is interesting for both adults and children who are passionate about sailing and have not known anything about it before. This year, the weather Read more

The joy of victory at the Ostankino regatta

Last weekend, Moscow hosted the 20th Ostankino children’s regatta, which is held at the Ostankino pond since 1974 in honor of the victory in the great Patriotic war. Last year she took on the format of the city’s celebration, which is interesting to both adults and children, passionate about sailing and nothing about him not knowing. This year the weather was great all except the young riders on the “Optimists” – it was warm and malamerenda. But the judges still Read more

The may regatta at the Royal Yacht Club

PROyachting opens Moscow sailing season. The first regatta will be held at the Royal Yacht Club on Wednesday, may 1. “Whatever the circumstances and whatever the capital’s weather, we always try to hold a traditional may day regatta at the Royal Yacht Club on the Water stadium, — says Mikhail Kondratyev, General Director PROyachting. — We are glad that now all of the yacht to her busy. This means that our customers and friends missed the sail and the races Read more

Welcome to the regatta in Holland!

“The Cup of the bar” invites you to take part in the adventure! Sailing on Holland in the first week of may! We understand that in Holland you may have. But if you saw her on Board the yacht? If not – I think that this Holland you are not yet familiar. Well, there’s a chance to correct the matter – besides, in may, when all the breath of spring and freshness, but it’s warm. “The Cup of the lawyers” Read more

The second international mountaineering regatta will be held in Chechnya in July

The Cup on one of them is on the same lake at a height of 1870 meters above the sea level. This is one of the highest altitude regatta in the world. The first regatta was organized in 2017 and now, two years later, the competition resumed. This time, sailors will gather in Chechnya from 23 to 28 July and will go on monotypes SB20. It is expected that the regatta, which will be held in the form of a Read more

The leader of the round the world regatta GGR left to go 2000 miles to the finish line

Frenchman Jean-Luc van den Heede (Jean-Luc van den Heede), leading to the circumnavigation of lone Golden Globe Race, only a little more than 2000 nautical miles to complete the journey. To arrive in Les Sables-d’olonne (France), where on 1 July this year came the contestants, he may already January 26. 5 Jan van den Heede spent trying for 18 hours to stay South of the 20th parallel of the Northern hemisphere. He worked 18-hour penalty which was received in early Read more