independence Day

Piano lacquer anthracite versus soft white alcantara is the main counterpoint. The main melody of a boat with the name of either the goddess of love, or the brightest star in the night sky. In both cases, love is the main thing here. High-minded idleness (look at the boat from full face) on such a yacht is well deserved and tangible, but it does not come from laziness, but from the holiday that is always with you. The Italians, crazy Read more

In honor of the Navy Day

Today In honor of the Day of the Russian Navy In the water area of ​​the Gulf of Finland on July 25 and 26 the regatta “Race of sailing yachts dedicated to the Day of the Russian Navy” was held. This year the regatta was held for the 5th time and was dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory. The organizers of the regatta: St. Petersburg Marine Assembly, ANO “Center for the Development of Sailing and Yachting”, RPO “Federation Read more

Today is Wind Day!

Yesterday Today is Wind Day! Just a week ago, we celebrated World Oceans Day. And today, everyone who is in love with sail has another big holiday – World Wind Day! With what we congratulate you! For the first time, Wind Day was celebrated in Europe in 2007, and already in 2009 it acquired worldwide status. True, they proposed to establish it, organizations far from sailing – the European Wind Energy Association and the World Wind Energy Council. But we Read more

Today is World Oceans Day

Today Today is World Oceans Day Happy holiday, friends! With a wonderful holiday for everyone whose life is somehow connected with the oceans. And we, lovers of the sail, do have the most direct relation to it. Moreover, for a true yachtsman every moment of communication with the ocean is an instant of happiness! © Kurt Arrigo The idea of ​​establishing this date was first voiced at the Planet Earth Summit, which took place in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro. Read more

Dutch day

Today       Dutch day       The triumph of the representatives of the Netherlands ended in Sorrento (Australia) the world championship in class RS: X. Following the results of the medal races, Kieran Badloe and Lilian de Geus received gold. Three winners look like this. Men Kieran Badloe (Netherlands) – 37 points. 2. Dorian van Rijsselberg (Netherlands) – 39. 3. Tom Goyar (France) – 56. Women. Lilian de Geus (Netherlands) – 42 points. 2. Charlene Picon – 51. 3. Noah Dryhan (Israel) – Read more

Sail GP – Day One

Today       Sail GP – Day One       The first day of SailGP in Sydney, Australia, ended with three races and a confident victory for the British team led by Sir Ben Ainsley. © Valeria Kovalenko Today the atmosphere of a real holiday reigned in Sydney, from the very morning on the waterfront it was possible to meet people in all kinds of yachting brands, with logos of world sailing events, crews and yacht classes. It was possible to watch the races Read more

Another day – and …

Yesterday       Another day – and …       The World Championship in Laser Radial, which takes place in Melbourne, has entered a decisive phase. Today, both women and men had 3 races. The same amount will be spent tomorrow – and the regatta will end there. Since, unfortunately, nothing shines for us in the women's tournament, we break the tradition and begin with a story about men's competitions, where Daniil Krutskikh is confidently leading. According to the sum of nine races held Read more

One race per day

Today       One race per day       Today, at the World Championship in the Laser Radial class, which continues in Melbourne, both women and men again managed to hold one race (despite the fact that they wanted to hold three). Of the five Russian racers, the most successful on Monday was Yekaterina Zyuzina – she finished fifth in her fleet. And now, in the sum of two races, it takes 23rd place (29 points, arrivals 24-5). The achievements of other Russians are Read more

Thunderstorms all day …

Today       Thunderstorms all day …       We are compelled to upset everyone who follows the events at the world championship in the Laser Standard class, which takes place in Melbourne: there were no races today. From early morning until the afternoon, thunderstorms thundered over the regatta. In this regard, at three o'clock in the afternoon, local time, Racing Director Peter Merritt decided to cancel the competition on Friday. The race committee intends to hold three (rather than two) races on Saturday Read more