Crystal Cup – by Alexander Kravchenko

Today Crystal Cup – by Alexander Kravchenko According to the website of the Finn class Russian Association, the Crystal Cup of the Moscow Class Association ended with the victory of Alexander Kravchenko. The traditional annual competitions of the Finn class Moscow Association – the open Crystal Cup – took place on July 4-5 in difficult wind conditions. 19 athletes from Moscow, the Moscow region, Novosibirsk and Sakhalin took part in the regatta. Due to the weak wind, the organizers managed Read more

America's Cup: Spy Passion

Yesterday America's Cup: Spy Passion Today, the current owners of the America's Cup – the Emirates Team New Zealand team – have published a sensational communique in which, however, there are too many unsaid. The essence of the communique is this: among the employees of the Emirates Team New Zealand team, as well as the ACE company (America’s Cup Event Ltd), which organizes the next America’s Cup draw, … a spy network! To whom a group of informants transmitted secret Read more

America Cup may be delayed

Today America Cup may be delayed True, it is proposed to postpone decisive match races only for a month. In this case, they will be held not in March next year, but in April. The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment of New Zealand came up with a proposal to postpone for a month all the events, one way or another related to the 36th America's Cup in Auckland. In this case, the stage of the America’s Cup World Series Read more

World Cup Final Canceled

Yesterday       World Cup Final Canceled       Today, the World Sailing Board of Directors and the Japan Sail Federation announced the cancellation of the World Cup finals, which was to be held June 14-21, 2020 on Enoshima Island near Tokyo. Recall that an Olympic sailing regatta will take place in the area of ​​Enoshima. Due to the recent decision to postpone the 2020 Games to next summer, World Sailing and the Japanese Federation are exploring the possibility of pre-Olympic competitions in Enoshima Read more

Genoa World Cup phase canceled

Yesterday       Genoa World Cup phase canceled The International Sailing Federation – World Sailing – today announced the cancellation of the World Cup in Genoa (Italy) on April 11-19. The reason is the same – coronavirus. At the same time, the International Olympic Committee guaranteed World Sailing that the deadlines for qualifying pre-Olympic competitions would be extended until June 30. 136 Yesterday # 9981                                                                  Chief Editor

World Cup to be!

Today       World Cup to be!       The good news came from the organizers of the WISSA 2020 World Winter Sports Championship. Due to the fact that winter did not come in Estonia, the decision was made not to cancel, but to move the venue of the competition. Recall, according to the rules of the conduct, this year one of the European countries should host the championship. And so, after a brief search, a suitable lake was found in the north of Read more

The second stage of the World Cup starts

Today       The second stage of the World Cup starts       Today at the Sailing Center of the US team in Miami will be the opening ceremony of the second stage of the World Cup 2020. 205 yachtsmen from 50 countries will take part in the regatta. The first race is tomorrow. The World Cup stage will be held in Miami for the 13th time, but this year the program is incomplete: competitions will be held in only seven out of ten Read more

Gold Cup Launched

December 16, 2019       Gold Cup Launched       The first two Finn Gold Cup races took place in Melbourne – the Golden Cup at Finn. Leadership was taken by two New Zealanders – Andy Maloney and Josh Junior: both have 6 points. The Finn Gold Cup is the most important regatta of the class, during which the world title is played. 60 riders from more than twenty countries came to participate in the current Golden Cup. But the Russians this time not. Read more

Thank you, Siberian Cup!

December 9, 2019       Thank you, Siberian Cup!       The Siberian Cup in snowkiting and winter windsurfing ended in Novosibirsk in Novosibirsk. On Sunday, the solemn closing ceremony of the competitions and the award ceremony took place. The current Siberian Cup was no less athletic and fun than all the previous ones. In these few days, a real celebration of the opening of the snowkite season was laid out! The organizers conducted an entertainment program with free snowkiting lessons from Wind’s House Read more