With a speed of 80 knots!

Three young engineers – graduates of the Swiss engineering school (EPFL) – has set itself an ambitious goal: to set a new world speed record under sail and, thus, to bring this achievement in Europe.

A project that young engineers have begun work with the support of the same EPFL, called SP80. The number 80 in the name is not accidental – such (or even greater) speed in knots (that is, 148 kilometres per hour!) need to develop an apparatus that they are going to create by 2022.

The drawings that appeared on the Network, give more than a superficial idea of what the Swiss are going to build. One thing is clear: we are talking about the winged trimaran with small floats that will move through a huge kite.

It is worth mentioning that the official world record is overwhelming 65.45 host for 7 years belongs to Australian Paul Larsen and his Vestas Sailrocket 2. And the average speed reached 500-meter distance in Namibia. Likely to the same for the new record, will join the Swiss – of course, in that case, if they manage to implement their plans and build SP80.

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