Flying Frenchman: Beneteau tested the end Falah

Enlisting the support of colleagues from Sarrazin Design, Noval and SEAir, experts Beneteau over the last nine months working on his first motor boat with folami. Last week — to the delight of myself and journalists, the team finally pulled the 9.7-meter-long prototype on the water and conducted sea trials. Four Foyle (one pair at midship and one aft) turn of the water before mooring or during transportation of the boat. The number and position of foil — the main Read more

Beneteau predicts a slowdown in the global yacht market

Group Beneteau presented its forecast for the 2018/19 financial year — the French are predicting a slowdown in the global yacht market. Exchange immediately reacted negatively to the pessimistic scenario. Beneteau notes that trade tariffs introduced in July 2018, European Union and Canada for motor boats, made in the USA, had a negative impact on international sales and has led to increased competition in the domestic market of States. Relative to our own perspectives, Beneteau also paints a not very Read more

Start again: Beneteau announced the “first” sailing yacht

Last year was the last for the model range of sailing First French shipyard Beneteau. The company decided that it no longer will expand this line. From 2019 it will relinquish its seat to the new boat, which will link the name… What do you think? First Yacht! During the September yacht festival in Cannes, we will be able to see the “first of the first” — 17,1-meter Yacht First 53. According to representatives of Beneteau, this boat will be Read more

Presentation of the small sailing cruiser Beneteau will be held at Boot Dusseldorf

The largest pavilion of the boat show Boot Düsseldorf 2019 starts in 10 days, and shipyards participating continue to slowly tell what is going to surprise visitors. The French company Beneteau is no exception. In addition to the previously announced sports motor cruiser, they will show also the smallest in its lineup (only 9.5 meters) cruise sailboat Oceanis 30.1. “It is likely that someday she will receive the title of “Best in class”” — without false modesty say in Bavaria. Read more

Beneteau will present at the Boot Dusseldorf sports cruiser Flyer 10

It took only a few months after launch day cruiser Flyer 8, Bénéteau has announced that during the fair, Boot Düsseldorf will hold presentation of the Flyer 10. According to the shipyard, the new model will be the “culmination” of the process of expanding the range of boats with an outboard motor. The chip Flyer 10 — speed characteristics. With two engines of 350 horsepower and the body Airstep® 2, it will be able for a few minutes to reach Read more

Say Seascape, implied new Beneteau First 27

It was a long awaited event! It shocked the yachting industry a few weeks ago when the market leader is the French shipyard Beneteau has announced the purchase of the Slovenian shipyard Seascape. Integration of the former yacht Seascape in the model range of the French Builder had a great meaning: old First 20 and 25 was a beautiful, classic boats, but the concept is obsolete. The revival of the line First and attempt to justify its former glory could Read more

Beneteau completed the purchase of Delphia Yachts

The French company Groupe Beneteau has completed the financial transactions to the transaction with the Polish Delphia Yachts Kot sp. J, according to the International Boat Industry. The agreement between the shipyards was signed in July of this year. The deal is framed under the mediation of the specialized Polish company Stocznia Jachtowa Delphia sp. z.o.o. in which the Polish “daughter” Elan, Ostroda Yachts sp. z.o.o. now owns 80% of the share capital, and Delphia Yachts Kot sp. j. will Read more

Browse sailing yacht Beneteau Oceanis 51.1

The first sailing yacht with suffix “.1” has released an updated Beneteau Oceanis 41 that has turned into a 41.1 a few years later after the release of the Oceanis 41. This version cruising yacht came out with a fixed small bugs and comments. This strategy has become so popular that the French shipyard has decided to develop this line of production yachts updated on the basis of already designed buildings. Sailing yacht Oceanis 51.1 replaces the Oceanis 48 is Read more

Beneteau Oceanis 55 – expansion of the cruise series

However, the first still of “chips” all new Oceanis series. Over the past year is appreciated by many sailors, including my friends carterlake. And special praise from them has always been hinged (electric) transom. “After giving anchor a simple touch of a button and closed the feed turns into a large beach! This “shamanism” was a feeling of envy of neighbors in the Parking lot.” Because the solution is really clever: the platform does not “bites” of the useful length. Read more

Beneteau Oceanis 58 – a whole new kind of luxury

John Carno experienced the potential of the latest Oceanis yachts before it went into the blue expanse of the sea for the more serious journey. When Ian and Andrea Treleaven say “let’s take a ride under sail”, you immediately perk up your ears. And when the choice falls on the vessel Beneteau Oceanis 58, then you probably take your camera and head to the yacht. Ian travelled to New Zealand (from Australia) and was fond of racing small yachts, but Read more