Silent-Yachts sold the fourth flagship solar catamaran

The construction of the first three 24-foot catamarans are ocean-going solar-powered SILENT 79 Austrian shipyard Silent-Yachts started in November last year. Since then, the model managed to grow up to 1 foot (0.3 meters) and to change the name to SILENT 80, and in the workshops, shipyards, construction began on the fourth side. Now they all found their future owners, each of whom repented not to give the “green” catamaran is a slow mover over €4.27 million, All four sides Read more

Vaan R4: catamaran from the window frames, license plates and pineapple leaves

Vaan is a young Dutch shipyard, specializing in the production of catamarans. Its main feature will be a combination of elite level boat with an environmentally responsible approach to yacht building. “Cruises for entertainment needs to become more “green”, and fast. Just because your fun doesn’t have to pay more. There is no reason why this should be so. Looking at the materials and design from a different angle, innovative thinking, you can make even a luxury yacht environmentally friendly. Read more

Three decks and a TRANS Atlantic on a single tank: a revolutionary catamaran Yachts from Amasea

Amasea Yachts is a new brand in the market of multi-hull motor yachts, pereosmyslenie the traditional concept of the catamaran. The company introduced its first model, the 25-metre Amasea 84. Amasea 84 built out of aluminum instead of traditional for this type of boat fiberglass and is able to cross the Atlantic on one tank. For the design and naval architecture of the project met albert Nazarov (Albert Nazarov) — an authority on high-speed catamarans. On Board Amasea 84 there Read more

As for the America’s Cup, only faster: launched cruise catamaran F50

Australian team a series of match races SailGP launched cruise catamaran F50, which plans to participate in this international regatta. 28 November, eyewitnesses could observe how the 15-meter boat with a giant gold kangaroo on sail “flying” over the waters of the Bay Wangara in the North of New Zealand. “To participate in the series and especially in the first stage in the Bay of Sydney is a cause for national pride for me and the team, and we want Read more

Color moods — blue: catamaran Sunreef 80 Gaya delivered to the owner

Custom built for 24.4-meter sailing catamaran Sunreef 80 Gaya was on 28 November, delivered in Gdansk (Poland). The composite boat, the total area of the sails which is 773 square meters, has successfully passed sea trials in the Baltic sea. The owner of Gaya — a man with experience, he already was a classic 70-foot model from Sunreef. He decided to go on a yacht the size it is more — more space, luxury and consistent with its ambitious navigation Read more

Sunreef Yachts has developed a luxury catamaran for “the bold modern owners”

Polish Sunreef Yachts has introduced the concept of luxury is 36.6-meter Sunreef Power catamaran 120. As they say at the shipyard, model “designed for the daring owners of modern yachts who appreciate the power and originality”. Taking into account the growing interest in the multi-hull superyachts, the Sunreef Yachts team developed a monumental and at the same time, a dynamic model of the catamaran. The designers drew inspiration from automotive industry with its supercars, so that line 120 Sunreef Power Read more

Construction began on a catamaran with solar energy SILENT 79

Austrian shipyard SILENT-YACHTS started construction of the first three 24-foot catamarans SILENT 79 ocean class solar based in Italian Marotta. The design of the project concept, the founder and CEO of SILENT-YACHTS Michael Kohler (Michael Köhler) was engaged in Marco Casali (Marco Casali) from Too Design, naval architecture developed Castillo Enrique (Enrique Castilla) from Insenaval. SILENT 79 will be the flagship of the shipyard. SILENT 79 can be called a new stage in the evolution of past models of the Read more

Catamaran from Glider Yachts will accelerate to 100 knots

The company Glider Yachts from London presented the results of their dedication and hard work – sports boat is a catamaran, able to accelerate to 100 knots. The creators say the new vessel is designed according to the same principles on which today is built the industry of private aviation and Formula 1 racing. Verified Aero – and hydrodynamic characteristics, stability, comfort and safety at high speed and in rough seas that put architects from Glider Yachts in the first Read more

Floating hotel with catamaran

The Floating Hotel project, developed by the Serbian Studio Salt & Water, is designed to help the development of tourism in inland waters – a beautiful, pristine, ready to greet the guests, but difficult to access because of missing and expensive infrastructure. A great solution for such places would be modular floating hotel is environmentally friendly and looks in perfect harmony with nature. The project of Floating Hotel consists of two components: a Central object that will