Catamaran from Glider Yachts will accelerate to 100 knots

The company Glider Yachts from London presented the results of their dedication and hard work – sports boat is a catamaran, able to accelerate to 100 knots. The creators say the new vessel is designed according to the same principles on which today is built the industry of private aviation and Formula 1 racing. Verified Aero – and hydrodynamic characteristics, stability, comfort and safety at high speed and in rough seas that put architects from Glider Yachts in the first place, and can boast a new yacht.

Development is a catamaran with long, widely separated floats, each of which, depending on configuration, combined with engines or turbines. High above the floats rises the Foundation of the hull, the cockpit and main salon, which provides space for the skipper and four passengers.

The maximum length of the vessel is 18 meters, width 5.3 meters. Glider Yachts offers two models: Super Sport (SS18) and Hyper Sport (HS18). In the first case, the catamaran is equipped with four engine capacity of 270 HP (total power of 1080 HP) and capable of speeds of 56 knots. In the second case, the ship will receive two turbines with a capacity of 1450 HP and two engines with a capacity of 270 HP (total power 3440 HP). The maximum speed of the catamaran the version of Hyper Sport (HS18) will be more than 96 nodes.

As reported by Glider Yachts, the project will be presented at several international yacht shows this year.

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