In the Gold fleet did not get

At the world championship in the classes 49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17, which continues in Auckland (New Zealand), ended the third day of racing, and with it the qualifying competition. That’s who is now ahead in all three classes and the results of the Russian crews. 49er (there are 87 teams). Held 9 races. 1.Eric Hail/ Thomas Ploessel (Germany) – 26 points. 2. Peter Burling/ Blair Tuck (New Zealand) – 27. 3. Benjamin Of Bildstein/ David Hussell (Austria) Is 37. Read more

Guichard pursues evil rock!

Yesterday shortly before midnight Moscow time skipper Yann Guichard has decided to stop round the world race and sent a 40-metre Maxi-trimaran Spindrift 2 back – in the direction of France. Cause – faulty power steering, which does not allow to continue the attempt to win the Trophy Jules Verne (Jules Verne Trophy). The impression that the Team really pursues evil rock. He again and again trying to improve the record of the global race – and each time defeated. Read more

The prize Fund is two hundred thousand!

On the second day of the 7th Star Sailors League finals – the decisive regatta of the year by boats of a class “Star”, which takes place at the Yacht club Nassau in the Bahamas – there were three races. As you know, in this regatta, with a prize Fund of $ 200,000, with the involvement of 23 of the crew. In their structure the famous sailors from 22 countries. Including four Olympic Champions and 9 silver, and bronze Olympic Read more

SSL-2019: the results of the first day

At the Yacht club, Nassau, the Bahamas kicked off the 7th Star Sailors League finals – the decisive regatta of the year by boats of a class “Star”, with the participation of famous sailors from 22 countries. Interesting statistics. Among the participants – four Olympic Champions and 9 silver, and bronze Olympic medalists, 23 world champion in the class “Star” and two other Olympic classes. Plus the winner of the Volvo Ocean Race and the 8 winners of the previous Read more

Pasha, you’re a hero!

11-year-old Academy sailing Pavel Guschin saved the girl, fell through the ice. Our athlete Pavel Guschin became a hero. Last week he rescued two small children on Matisova channel in Saint-Petersburg. 4-year-old boy and girl were walking on thin ice. Of the heroic act of Paul said in his native school №509. Paul walked home from the store and noticed on the ice in the middle of Matisova channel has two children: a boy and a girl of four years. Read more

Guion finished in Ho Chi Minh city

The five-man team led by 63-year-old skipper Francis Guiana completed the Maxi-trimaran IDEC SPORT, the transition from Port-Louis in Mauritius to Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam. Theoretical distance in miles 3932,4 (in fact, IDEC SPORT has crossed fifteen hundred miles of more) trimaran was held over 12 days, 20 hours, 37 minutes and 55 seconds. As you know, before this race no one ever records is not established. And now it all depends on whether the world record sailing Read more

We wish the Team good luck!

Late last evening a 40-metre Maxi-trimaran Spindrift 2 running 45-year-old skipper Yann Guichard went from the lighthouse créac’h on the island of Wesson round the world race with a length of 21600 nautical miles. The purpose of Guichard and his crew, as we mentioned, is to win the Trophy Jules Verne (Jules Verne Trophy). Recall that from 2017 the record of the round the world race belongs to Guyana Francis and his team, which Maxi-catamaran IDEC SPORT has covered the Read more

Rothschild won the race Brest-Atlantiques

Early this morning in Brest (France) finished the Maxi trimaran Edmond de Rothschild. The marathon Brest-Atlantiques length 14400 nautical miles skippers Frank Kamma/ Charles Cadrele (as well as on Board reporter Yann RIOU) spent 28 days, 23 hours, 24 minutes and 46 seconds. In the last 24 hours “Rothschild” was a 734 mile is one of the best results shown by this trimaran during the race. Two other participants of the competition – the trimaran Macif (françois Gabaret /Gwenola the Read more

Good luck, Jan and Ivan!

Yesterday       Good luck, Jan and Ivan!       Four hundred yachtsmen from 40 countries were gathered by the 49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17 world championships that started today in Auckland, New Zealand. True, only a third of them were able to participate in the competition on the first day of the race. The strongest northerly wind of 25-30 knots interfered with the schedule, and gusts of up to 70 knots were noted in Auckland itself! Because of this, at three o'clock in Read more

Guichard once again sets off for Jules Verne's Trophy!

Yesterday       Guichard once again sets off for Jules Verne's Trophy!       The upcoming night, the 40-meter Spindrift 2 maxi trimaran led by skipper Yann Guichard will take off from the famous Créac'h lighthouse on the island of Wessan (this is the westernmost point of the French metropolis) – and go on a world race of 21,600 nautical miles.