The beauty and pride of a sailor

Today let’s talk about the beard. Talk not just so, and within the framework of our project in recent days, we remember the materials of which were published on pages 127-mi rooms magazine Yacht Russia. And now – turn the beards. Have always believed that the beauty and pride of a true seaman. Is it not so? In General, read –

The biggest test in history

“Effects of coronavirus: the state of emergency in the market of yacht Charter” is the headline to a commentary published online by a German Yacht. Coronavirus is not the first week in full force hits the market yacht Charter. Ship owners and agencies complain of the almost total cessation of the reservation, many existing contracts have to move or break. The situation deteriorated as the season starts in the most popular among German customers Croatia and Majorca. In Spain, the Read more

Around the world – during the war!

Yesterday       Around the world – during the war!       The time has come for the fourth publication as part of our new project. Recall that now every day we bring to your attention one material – from those that were published on the pages of our magazine in different years. Today we talk about Vito Dumas. Have you heard of this man before? If not, there is a huge gap in your knowledge of sail history. It's time to eliminate it. Read more

“Scary scales of problems”

Yesterday       “Scary scales of problems”       Today in Tokyo, the first meeting of the emergency commission of the Organizing Committee of the Olympics was held, created to address all issues of the transfer of competitions to 2021. Addressing those present, the head of the Organizing Committee, Toshiro Muto, emphasized that the commission was facing problems that were discouraging and frightening in its scope. In particular, it is necessary to renegotiate thousands of contracts, which will cost gigantic amounts, and it is Read more

Around the world – during the war!

Came the fourth publication within the framework of our new project. Recall that now we are every day offered to your attention on one material – of those which in different years were published on the pages of our magazine. Today we tell you about Vito Dumas. You about this man before heard? If not, then your knowledge about the history of sails, there is a huge gap. It’s time to liquidate. Read

“The frightening scale of the problems”

Today in Tokyo the first meeting of the emergency Committee of the organizing Committee of the Olympic games, created to solve all the issues of the postponement of the competition for 2021. Addressing the audience, head of the organising Committee Toshiro muto said that the Commission was facing problems, discouraging and frightening in its scope. It is necessary, in particular, to renegotiate thousands of contracts that will cost huge sums, and it is not clear whether it will be possible Read more

In Medemblik they waited until the last, but …

Yesterday       In Medemblik they waited until the last, but …       The organizing committee of the traditional international regatta in Medemblik (Holland) today announced that this year the competition will not take place. In Medemblica they waited, one might say, to the last – they hoped that by the time of the regatta (June 4 – 7) the epidemic of coronavirus in Europe would come to naught. But now the hopes, apparently, have completely melted away. Note that the organizing committee Read more

Pearl yachts

The British shipyard Pearl Yachts was founded in 1998 and at the same time introduced its first models – Pearl 41 and Pearl 45. In 2002, the famous yacht designer Bill Dixon began to collaborate with the shipyard, and since 2013, the interiors of Pearl Yachts have been created by British design star Kelly Hoppen. Over the 40 years of her career, her impressive portfolio includes the interiors of luxury hotels, yachts, private jets and even cruise ships. Kelly Hoppen Read more

Club jacket for a real yachtsman

Today       Club jacket for a real yachtsman       We continue an exciting journey based on materials published in 127 issues of Yacht Russia magazine. Today we will talk with you about a blazer, which, as you know, for a real yachtsman – truly work clothes. What should it be like? And in general, what can and cannot be worn in a yacht club and on a yacht? Read – 54 Today # 10014                                                                  Chief Editor

Blazer for a true yachtsman

Continue the exciting journey on the materials published 127 issues of the magazine Yacht Russia. Today we will focus on the blazer, which is known for a real yachtsman is truly working clothes. What should it be? And anyway, what you can and cannot wear at the yacht club and on the yacht? Read