A device for the knitting of knots Fish Bone

Moving eight, top knot, Honda, wet-half-hitch, cow knot, the constrictor, Flemish loop, the southern cross is in the world there are hundreds of different knots. How many of them will be useful to practice beforehand never really know. But if this practice in my life very little, there is a possibility at the right moment not to think of any one of the nodes.

It is with such thoughts came to his creation designer Brent Garcia (Brent Garcia) of Las Vegas by developing prototype devices for tying nautical knot Knotless Gear Tie. Garcia called it a Bone Fish – “fish bone”, which can be very accurately describes the development. The designer has patented the creation of and organized a campaign on Kickstarter, pledging to each investor to deliver the finished Fish Bone directly to the front door. Intending to collect only $1,000, he eventually received a $89,525 3 050 people.

Funds opened a small company, launched a website and online store www.fishbonefish.com. At the moment, in addition to the original Fish Bone, Garcia offers three types of Knotless Gear Tie – the Piranha, Snapper and Paracord. Available versions made of aluminum, steel and titanium seems to have exactly on all occasions.


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