Princess 30M: big premiere

Princess 30M is rightfully called a superyacht. In addition to being 100 feet long, her design, build quality, equipment and performance make this yacht “superb”. Princess 30M is rightfully called a superyacht. In addition to being 100 feet long, her design, build quality, equipment and performance make this yacht “superb”. At the exhibition in Dusseldorf, where the Princess 30M, a new model of the M-Class line of the British shipyard, was presented for the first time, the yacht aroused the Read more

A word about Princess V58 – Motor Boat & Yachting Russia

It is quite possible that the Princess V58 is the most stunning yacht built at the shipyard in recent years: her design and performance testify to this. It looks like Princess Yachts and yacht designer Bernard Olesinski have started a winning streak. The Sportbridge Princess S65 (see Rocket Energy MBY # 2/38, 2016) and the Princess 75 flybridge, recently shown at the London Boat Show, are both the most attractive models on the market today. They are perfectly complemented by Read more

How to “customize” a serial superyacht for yourself? A story about Princess 35M White Dream

How to build a real semi custom yacht based on a production model? Choosing a yacht beyond the 30-meter mark is accompanied by no less questions and doubts than choosing the first boat for a beginner. In the case of displacement ships, this is not a problem, since steel rules the ball there, but those who prefer high-speed planing cruisers have to smash their heads pretty much. In the segment from 30 to 40 m, there are enough models of Read more

Princess Yachts. At the dawn of a new era

It is no secret that Russians have always been more in demand for classic flybridge models: in comparison with sports ones with the same length, they have more space. In addition, there is an opinion that flybridge ones are richer in terms of finishes and options, while sports, supposedly, are much simpler. In terms of handling, the Princess S78 is more likely to be attributed to the sports class, but the model blows all the preconceptions about sports yachts to Read more

Princess R35: contrary to shipyard traditions

The first Princess R-class sport yacht will debut in Cannes in September, but Motor Boat & Yachting has already tested the Princess R35 prototype. To be honest, we didn’t know what to expect from the new Princess R35 in the flesh. For several months, spy photos and fragmentary videos were circulating on the Internet. As a result, when we saw the R35 in the marina, among ordinary boats, it looked … alien. A formidable, almost military profile and flamboyant camouflage Read more

Exploring Princess F55

There is no shortage in the market for good 55ft flybridge yachts. How did the new Princess F55 stand out from their background? Recently, we had a chance to see Princess Yachts from a completely different perspective, having carried out a test drive of the Princess R35 prototype – a hydrofoil boat that made a technological breakthrough that brought the shipyard to unprecedented heights. The new Princess F55 flybridge may not look so revolutionary, but it is just as important Read more

Princess X95. First information – Motor Boat & Yachting Russia

Princess Yachts recently revealed the first details of the X95 motor yacht, which will launch the brand’s new lineup. After seeing the first images of the new yacht and its technical characteristics, we asked ourselves: what are the features of this project and what prompted one of the most successful yacht shipyards in Europe to such a radical innovation? I’ll start with the participants. For the development of the Princess X95, the shipyard hired the design bureau Bernard Olesinski, one Read more

Perfect summer with Princess S78

Princess S78 … A yacht that combines all the advantages of different types, and most importantly – allows you to realize the ideal scenario of a summer vacation for everyone who is lucky enough to be on board. If you ask yourself what an ideal yacht looks like from the point of view of a Russian owner – whether in internal or external waters, the answer is simpler than it seems. Despite all the difference in preferences, capabilities, types of Read more

Princess F50. Cannes experiences

Shown in Cannes, the British Princess Yachts has completed the renewal of its F Class flybridge range. This yacht is an updated version of the famous Princess F49. What did the shipyard decide to change for the popular model: outside, inside and in terms of technical equipment? To understand this, I boarded the Princess F50 during the Cannes Yachting Festival, walked across her decks and looked into all the rooms. Outside The main difference between the new Princess F50 and Read more

Princess X95: new details

One of the most unusual exhibits at boot Düsseldorf 2020 is located at the Princess Yachts stand, or rather below it. The British shipyard brought here a full-size mock-up of part of the main deck of the new Princess X95 – a model that revolutionizes from hull contours to layout. Its world premiere will take place in September at the Cannes Yachting Festival, and in Dusseldorf, potential customers and everyone interested could appreciate its space, layout and their feelings on Read more