There is a chance to win a license!

Yesterday       There is a chance to win a license!       In Sakaiminato (Japan), the World Laser Radial Championship is coming to an end. Tomorrow evening the solemn ceremony of closing the regatta will take place. But this, we repeat, will happen tomorrow, and today two regular final races were held. And the leader has changed again. Edge Güzel from Turkey (who now has 59 points) was beaten by the 2015 world champion and the bronze medalist of the Games in Rio Read more

There is a chance to win a license!

In Sakaiminato (Japan) nearing the end of the world championship in the class “Laser radial”. Tomorrow night will be the closing ceremony of the regatta. But this, again, will happen tomorrow, but today were held two regular final race. And again the leader has changed. The Turkish Ecem Guzel (which has now 59 points) bypassed the champion of the world-2015 and the bronze prize-winner Games in Rio Anne-Marie Rendon from Denmark (57 points). In General, the closer the finish, the Read more

The mass is already there

In Malcesine on lake Garda in Italy, ended today with the championship in the yacht class J/70. The gold was won by the hosts – team crew Petite Terrible with skipper Claudia Rossi. The Champions scored 44 points. 15 more points to the Germans from Mission Possible, led by Markus Wieser. In third place again the Italians – the crew Jcurve Mauro Roversi (65 points). And what about our? The top ten Russians, alas, missed. Best result – 15th place- Read more

There are no small things!

Irina Gracheva – on the 34th race of the Mini-Fastnet, which she paired with Konstantin Grenada team took 19th place out of 57 in the series fleet and the 36th of the 79-year-in the overall standings: To be honest, a wonderful photo from Simon Jourdan made during the race-prologue, fully reflects our status during the race, the Mini Fastnet Medium Spinnaker, which we put in the photo, was torn during the prologue and taped before the start of the Mini-Fastnet. Read more

Will there be medals?

Yesterday       Will there be medals?       Apparently, it’s time to part with the dreams that the victory in the prestigious Yanmar Dragon Gold Cup 2019 in Medemblik (Holland) will be won by the Russian dragonists. Miracles, of course, happen. But… © Elena Razina Before the last day of the regatta (and the final race), the best of the Russian teams – RUS27 Annapurna Anatoly Loginov – takes only fourth place, 16 points behind the leader, Portuguese POR84 with skipper Pedro Andrade. Read more

There is something to see

This is another edition of the author’s program Alexey Zhirov “Sailing” for TV MATCH! COUNTRY. In this issue: results of the third phase of the National sailing League in Kazan and the start of “Battleship” in the prestigious series the 52 series the Super Series after a year hiatus, the novel tells the Pets about the kite and the silver with the bronze to Elena Kalinina and Denis Taradina at the world Championships in kiteboarding. And yet – regatta “Friendship” Read more

In leaders there was the Dutch

After the second race of the regatta Yanmar Dragon Gold Cup 2019, which was held in Medemblik (Holland), became the top Dutch team NED412 Troika headed by Peter Heerema. © Elena Razina The Troika won the second race, and now she has 4 points. The same speaker under the Japanese flag crew JPN56 YRed Peter Gilmore. Team Rocknrolla RUS76 Dmitriy Samokhin (Alexey Bushuev, Andrei Kirilyuk) in the second race and finished seventh and is now in the overall standings is Read more

There are details of the death of rescuers in France

June 8, 2019       There are details of the death of rescuers in France       Two of the four surviving lifeguards, Christophe Monnero, President of the SNSM des Sables, and David Brossard, a diver of the dead boat, gave a press conference along with Xavier de la Gors, SNSM National President. © OUEST FRANCE “When we went to the sea, everything went as it should have been. After the southern channel, we, as usual, went to the west, as the old men Read more

There was a sailboat – and …

June 8, 2019       There was a sailboat – and …       One of our regular readers today complained: that this week the site and the Yacht Russia page in the FB too often wrote about disasters. What to do – here's another one. At noon today, the container ship ASTROSPRINTER, which followed the Elbe from Hamburg to the North Sea, collided with a wooden sailboat NO.5 ELBE (built in 1883), on board which at that moment there were 43 passengers and Read more

There are details of the deaths of rescuers in France

Two of the four survivors, rescuers, Christophe Monera, President of the SNSM des Sables, and David Brossard, diver c dead boat, gave a press conference together with Xavier de La Gorce, national President of the SNSM. © OUEST FRANCE “When we went into the sea, everything was as it should be. After the canal, we usually went West, as we were taught by old men. With the crew all was in order. Except for the fact that the engine was Read more