On the day of the finals, the wind did not disappoint

August 5, 2019

      On the day of the finals, the wind did not disappoint
      In St. Petersburg, on the basis of the Krestovsky Island sailing school, the traditional regatta for team races has ended.

On the day of the finals, the wind did not disappoint

According to https://rusyf.ru, in the “Zoom 8” class, the victory was won by the team of the St. Petersburg River Yacht Club GBOU “Baltic Coast” – Andrey Khomenko and Ilya Naberenkov. Silver at Nikita Ivanov and Nikita Kudryavtsev (Krestovsky Ostrov Sailing School), bronze at Daniil Serdukov and Stepan Zapoev (ShVSM on the Air Force / Rautu DSPK).

In the Optimist class, the winners of the Russian championship in team races were Andrei Sotnikov, Vyacheslav Martus, Daniil Perchik and Alisa Ivanovskaya (ShVSM on the Air Force / DSPK Rautu). Silver medals were won by Ilya Stepanov, Danila Ivanov, Artem Gunker and Eva Turkina (Krestovsky Ostrov SS), bronze medals – Alexander Laptev, Ivan Okhotnikov, Demyan Baranov and Ekaterina Vasilyeva (ShVSM on the Air Force / Rautu DSPK) .

The chief judge of the competition Anna Dejanova summed up the results of the competition:

– Sailing school "Krestovsky Island" for the first time held the championship of Russia. In any case, the organization of such major competitions is a very difficult job, and therefore many thanks to everyone who was involved in organizing and conducting this regatta.

Even senior athletes participated in the regatta as judges.

On the first day, we very quickly and easily held the scheduled race. It was cold, but a good wind contributed to interesting races. The same was expected from the second day, but he gave a surprise: after eight races in the Optimist class, the wind turned sour and we had to wait a long time on the water. After two and a half hours, the “zooms” were released ashore – the second round did not take place, and the finalists were identified in the first round. But the "optimists" still chased until six or seven in the evening, having spent the second round in gold and silver fleets.

The final day is the day of the finals. The wind did not disappoint. 8-10 knots – a wonderful wind. Truly the best teams met.

In the Zoom 8 class, the team of the river yacht club defeated the Krestovsky Ostrov school team 3-0, in the struggle for third place, the second Krestovsky Ostrov team lost to Raut 0-2. There were no special surprises.

But in the Optimist class, every race was either someone’s tragedy or someone’s enthusiasm. It began with the fact that in the struggle for first place the first race was won by the Krestovsky Island team. In the second race, the racers who left with a false start led the team to a loss. Although there were chances to win. As a result, the score was 4: 1 in favor of Raut. Fought with gaps at the finish literally in centimeters …

Krestovsky Ostrov also won Rautu for the third place, and the hosts of the championship again failed with a false start. Moreover, the driver could return, but, diving into the target, did not cross the start line. And although his team came to the finish line first, the false start led to a loss.

In general, there was such a beautiful fight that both riders and judges admired it.

During these three days, young athletes have become real tactics. From this point of view team races are generally more interesting than individual races. Here everything is decided by tactics and interaction. It was interesting to see how team members help each other. How to pull the laggards and by joint efforts “lead” the rivals. I repeat, the children learned all this in three days. The difference between the first and final day was striking.

I would especially like to note the involvement of young judges in the competition. The young judges and racers Alexandra Agafonenok, Polina Soloveichik, Oleg Bykov and Elena Obedzinskaya worked as ampiri. This is a huge experience for them, and we are preparing new personnel!

The organizing competitions were the Krestovsky Island sailing school, RUSODA, VFPS and SPPS.

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