Will not record: Spindrift 2 is sent for repair

The crew of the 40-metre Maxi-trimaran Spindrift 2 is forced once again to abandon all attempts of sailing around the world and to conquer the Jules Verne Trophy.

At 16:06 UTC on 1 February, the skipper , Jan Guichard (Yann Guichard) contacted the technical shore team and reported on the failure of the right wheel. At this point, the boat was in the Indian ocean 1,200 miles from the Australian Cape Luwin and walked at a speed of 15 knots.

Despite the night, the team, as far as possible, surveyed the damage and tried to minimize its effects.

Three hours after the first session when the team announced the decision not to risk the safety of the crew and to carry out major repairs on the ground.

“Due to technical problems we have no other choice but to abandon attempts to put the record. The whole team are incredibly disappointed about this,” said the skipper.

Spindrift 2 is directed to the South-West coast of Australia. At the time of preparation of the material to land the crew had just about 350 nautical miles. For the past day trimaran overcame 218,3 nautical miles, moving at an average speed of 9.1 per node.

Thus ended the fourth attempt to Spindrift Jules Verne Trophy. In January 2018 team twice in a week tried to start from French Brest, but its always unlucky. First trimaran by the decision of the Team returned to port spotsa just a couple of hours in the sea, and then during a new transition to the starting line of the boat suddenly dropped the mast. In 2015 during the first attempt to set a record, the team showed the second time in the entire history Jules Verne Trophy (at the time).

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