Enoshima: who will get the licenses?

August 5, 2019

      Enoshima: who will get the licenses?
      In Enoshima (Japan), where the Olympic sailing regatta will be held in a year, the World Championship in class 470 started. The first race day should have been last Sunday, but the wind was too weak. But today we managed to hold two races – both for men and women.

Enoshima: who will get the licenses?

For men, 51 crews participate in the regatta. After two races, Russians Pavel Sozykin and Denis Gribanov took 7th place (11 points): in the first race they came to the finish in ninth, and in the second – in the second. Agree, a worthy start to the championship!

Leadership was taken by Anton Dalberg and Fredrik Bergström from Sweden – 5 points (parishes 3 – 2).

Recall that 4 Olympic licenses will be played at the championship in Enoshima.

Now about the women's tournament. 39 crews take part in the regatta, including our Alisa Kirilyuk and Angelika Chernyakhovskaya. In the first race they remained only thirties, while in the second they finished ninth. And now they occupy the general 23rd place (39 points).

In the first position – Spaniards Sylvia Mas Depares and Patricia Cantero Reina – 6 points (parishes 3 – 3).

Women will be awarded 6 Olympic licenses.

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