Review of sailing yacht Beneteau First Class 7.5

Voile Magazine 2005 yacht selected by the French Sailing Federation for the official youth competition, the new Beneteau has yet to win its audience and there are already good reasons for that.

Replacing the tireless Class 8 was born in a good hour. The fruit of two years of work and collaboration between architects Jean-Marie Fino and Pascal Conk, the French Sailing Federation and representatives of yacht clubs, the First Class 7.5 was presented to the public before commercial production began.

A wonderful gift! The boat received the title “Yacht of the Year 2005”, awarded this fall by the jury of the magazine, chaired by Mark Tierselan.

The new yacht will also become the official sponsor of the French Championship, the French Hope Championship, as well as the French school and student championships. This is not enough to guarantee the commercial success of the series (there is still a need to motivate clubs and individuals to invest in 7.5), but it still provides compelling advantages.

The rather low price of the boat compared to most competing models (especially for clubs that receive particularly advantageous offers) is another trump card.

Not to mention the quality of the boat in the proper sense of the word. Agreeing to put an end to the possibility of using a boat for cruising – or at least the ability to spend the night on board – as the Class 8 allowed, its successor is a very successful boat that better fulfills the educational function for beginners.

The “cabin”, difficult to access due to the keel lifting device, can only serve as a storage room, although the most daring can take refuge there if necessary.

A huge cockpit (it stretches all the way to the mast) is provided, it seems, to allow the most daring decisions. The presence or absence of a wheelhouse should not be misleading: with long cans for the crew, easy handling and an ergonomic deck, the 7.5 is undoubtedly beautiful, more comfortable and less tiring to navigate than its older brother.

This yacht combines good looks and maximum driving pleasure. A soft and precise tiller, cockpit ergonomics, the simplicity and quality of the mast and deck equipment are the elements that make the 7.5’s handling award-winning.

The yacht’s weight is significantly less than that of the Class 8 (300 kg less!), Which increases the acceleration capabilities. The keel is lifting, its design is very simple – Beneteau does not want to overstate the cost of the boat.

First Class 7.5 may appeal to a certain number of fans of fast and easy sailing on boats without overnight stays. The First Class 7.5 is the fastest and most affordable cruise racing boat in its class. And even if you don’t think about anything other than competition, maybe you should still think about her?

– long cockpit
– the kitty for the spinnaker is conveniently mounted at the mast and to work with the spinnaker you do not need to perform acrobatic acts on the tank
-the locker in the center of the cockpit is very convenient for storing the engine, things or rescue equipment

– the keel lifting device is very useful, but a little cumbersome: be careful not to hit it in the bow “cabin”.

Source: Voile Magazine, December 2004

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