Italians or Russians?


      Italians or Russians?
      The fourth stage of the European Division Melges 20 World League is in Riva del Garda (Italy).

Italians or Russians?

Five races were held – two on Friday, three today. According to their results ahead Italian Siderval (skipper – Marco Giannini). The team is well known – in the previous, third stage, Siderval became the second (after our Russian Bogatyrs). But it is surprising, with what advantage the Italians are now in the lead on Lake Garda. They have 16 points, while another Italian team – Brontolo Racing Filippo Pacinotti, who comes second, has 33 points.

Surprisingly, after the first race day, the Russian Bogatyrs Igor Rytov, who are in the lead in the overall European Division of the Melges 20 World League, occupied only 10th place (parishes 15 – 6). Today, things have not been going well for a long time either (in the first two races of the day, the 8th and 12th finishes). Fortunately, in the third race of the day, “The Heroes” won and significantly improved their position: now they are fifth in the table (42 points).

At the same time on the third line – Pirogovo Alexander Yezhkov (36 points). Today the team won the first two races, but in the third … there was only the 20th. It will be interesting to know what caused this failure.

It remains to add that on the seventh line of Meduza Pavel Grachev (47 points), and to wish the Russian crews good luck on the final day of the regatta.

Detailed results –

103 Yesterday # 9248

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