Rolex Fastnet Race Started

August 3, 2019

      Rolex Fastnet Race Started
      In the city of Caus (British Isle of Wight), this afternoon, the start of the yacht participating in the famous 608-mile Rolex Fastnet Race.

Rolex Fastnet Race Started

To be exact, there were six starts. The first went to the distance giant multi-body, after 15 minutes came the turn of the classes IMOCA 60 (there are more ships than ever before – 29 at once!) And Class40, and then the rest – the total yachts this year are 386!

Many outstanding modern yachtsmen take part in the race. We are not going to list at least some now; we will still have the opportunity to do this in the following materials about the Rolex Fastnet Race. But here's a curious touch: the team of the Russian Offshore Racing Club “SeaVentus” unexpectedly met Mark Slats before the start (yes, the one who became the second in the recent round-the-world race of singles of the Golden Globe Race). It turned out that Mark is a newcomer to the Fastnet Race and performs as part of a young Dutch crew.

The team at SeaVentus Club – Jolly Jellyfish is not the only Russian representative in the race. The “Kabester” by Yuri Fadeev, ROSATOM SAILING TEAM of Nikolai Drozdov, Weddel Afanasy Isayev went to the distance. But the Russian representation is not limited to them.

While one thing is clear: the struggle will be the sharpest! In general, we will follow.

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