The fourth “Fastnet” was passed!

A new entry on the Club page offshore racing “SeaVentus” on Facebook:

The Rolex Fastnet Race 2019 . Finish! Today, in 4 hours 46 minutes in the morning team of offshore racing, “SeaVentus” finished in Plymouth ( UK) .

The race was difficult , cold , wet and exhausting, according to official figures did not reach the finish of the 54 yachts (all involved in this year 396 yachts! All team members have expressed myself very well, we fought until the last minute, congratulations to all the entrants! Later will be a more detailed report on our race.

Our result: GC -145-th place, division IRC2 – 27-e a place (only 60 yachts) , division IRC-B – 15-e a place (only 40 yachts ) Among the Russian teams participating in this year’s regatta Fastnet Race is the best results ! We – well done ))

For our club’s offshore races this was the FOURTH Fastnet ( 2013, 2015,2017 ,2019) !!!!
The official website of the regatta
Tracker racing

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