Madness of the brave?

June 4, 2019

      Madness of the brave?
      As reported by TASS, the Coast Guard of Japan today rescued a citizen of Russia on the west coast of Hokkaido Island (and, as Far Eastern colleagues specified, is also an Israeli citizen), whose yacht (namely the cruiser T-2 cruiser) suffered disaster.

Madness of the brave?

The yachtswoman Tatyana Ryabkova intended to make a single sailing trip from Vladivostok to Israel through the Pacific, Indian Oceans, Red and Mediterranean Seas. (And, again, colleagues from the Far East are clarifying, not for the first time).

On June 2, she was noticed by a patrol plane of the Japanese Maritime Security Authority. The woman sent a distress call, and a sentry sent to help her, who towed the yacht to the nearest port of Ivanai in Hokkaido. After repair, the Russian woman intends to continue swimming, reports TASS.

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