Winners decided

June 4, 2019

      Winners decided
      In St. Petersburg Yacht Club on Tuesday, June 4, the Optimist Class Association Cup ended. As a result of the competition, not only the names of the winners and prize-winners became known, but also those drivers who will represent our country at world and European championships.

Winners decided

The Optimist Class Association Cup is the most important regatta, which is the final stage of selection for key international season starts. Athletes from 9 to 14 years old take part in races.

At the beginning of the final day, wind gusts reached 14 knots, but during the first races they dropped to 4. The organizers held one race in the "gold", "silver" and "bronze" fleets – and they decided to limit it to this.

“I was counting on Monday to finish the competition in the“ golden ”fleet, but I managed to do it only today. We have fully implemented the program, – says the main referee of the Association Cup Vadim Mechanics. – In addition, we spent 9 of 10 races in the "silver" and "bronze" fleets. During the regatta the wind was different. Professional riders should race well in any wind that today's leaders have shown. I am very pleased with how ready our children are. ”

Despite the fact that the last race was not very successful favorites, in the upper part of the table there were no big changes. Artyom Maksimkin (Vodnik PC, Dolgoprudny) retained the first line, Andrei Sotnikov (Children's Sports Sailing Team "Rautu") became second, and Daniel Perchik ("Rautu") was third.

“The conditions for the regatta were very good – the wind was stable,” says Artem Maksimkin, the winner of the Association Cup. – Nothing supernatural happened during the whole race. In a strong wind, I was not very good at chasing, but due to the fact that the rivals gave me chances, I could play the distance, so all the races passed steadily. I have been to St. Petersburg many times and presented the conditions of this water area. For me it was easy to restructure. I selected for the World Cup. The primary goal for me is getting into the “golden” fleet at the world championship. ”

Among girls, Arina Bratashenko took the first place (Taganrog, State Budgetary Institution of Public Administration School No.3). In a bitter struggle, she bypassed Alisa Ivanovskaya (“Raut”), which became the second. Third place went to Ekaterina Yelistratova (CSKA, Moscow).

“The main rival for me is myself. I lost this fight, ”says silver medalist Alisa Ivanovskaya. – In fact, I have always believed that you can fight with the guys on a par. In many countries there is no separate standings for girls. I think it should be so. Girl test is just a bonus. I am pleased that I have overtaken many guys and almost all girls. This is my last year at Optimist. I am not going to leave sailing. I want to try myself in different classes of yachts and decide what suits me best. ”

After the Association Cup, the composition of the national teams was determined at the coaching meeting, which will represent our country at the European and World Championships.

Artyom Maksimkin and Ivan Zhilkin (both – “Vodnik”), Danila Ivanov and Maxim Bondar (both – “Krestovsky Island), and Fyodor Krivobokov (“ Friendship ”) will go to the world championship.

At the European Championships, our country will be represented by Andrei Sotnikov, Daniel Perchik, Vyacheslav Martus (all – “Rautu”), Kirill Shunenkov (Academy of Sailing), Arina Bratashenko (“SSSR No. 3), Daria Savinova (“ Favorite ”) and Maria Struck ( "Vodnik").

The best among junior racers is Artem Cherpit from Sevastopol. The second place was taken by Daniel Larchenkov (“Rautu”). On the third line finished Nikolai Fastenko (State Budgetary Institution FSO "Youth of Moscow).

Among the younger girls without changes: Dina Zhilkina is in the first place (Vodnik, Dolgoprudny), Yuliya Naymushina (FSPKK, Krasnoyarsk) – the second, closes the top three Polina Morozova (MBU SShOR No. 4, Sochi).

The past Association Cup was a record number of participants. The regatta was attended by 224 riders from all over our country, including from Khabarovsk, Sakhalin Region and Vladivostok.

“I am very pleased with how the regatta went,” said Vladimir Lyubomirov, president of the Optimist Class Association. – The most important thing is the number of participants. Once again, we set a record. It is very nice that the guys appreciate this regatta, come and fight. More importantly, the overall athletic level is growing. Several years ago we could not even imagine that such a number of athletes could perform at such a high level. The selection for the World and European Championships was competitive. For this we set up these regattas. ”

“Event management is not only the race itself, but also various coastal and entertainment events, the availability of food for athletes,” continues the chief judge of the competition, Vadim Mechanics. – There is no such complete set of pleasures, as in the Yacht Club of St. Petersburg, in Russia. This is the only place that so meets and organizes events. Ice cream, souvenirs, food, games, a meeting with George Shayduko – all this accompanied the Association Cup. ”

As part of the regatta in the Yacht Club of St. Petersburg, a meeting of the All-Russian Association of the Optimist class was held, at which a quorum was gathered and Vladimir Lyubomirov was elected President of the Association. All details and decisions of the meeting will be published soon on the site

Regatta results –

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