"Our results go uphill"


      "Our results go uphill"
      A new crew of the 29th class Vlad Grakhov and Rodion Brovin formed in the youth team of Russia. The press service of RUS Youth Sailing Team reports.

"Our results go uphill"

The guys went through a training camp in Sochi, which was a great chance to find out about their goals for the season. The clewed crew Rodion Brovin supported our idea by telling in a interview their modest, but significant for the formation of each athlete's story.

– Rodion, let's start right away with the main thing – how was your crew formed and tell us a little about your new partner?

– With Vlad, we started racing together in October. The first joint trip was to Italy, to the final of the European Cup, which took place on the Garda. There we showed a pretty good result, proved to be a well-coordinated crew, which served as the reason for our association.

– How long have you started training together? Were there any difficulties at first or what had to be given special attention?

– Despite the fact that we train not very much – we are two people who know what to do, how to act in order to achieve a result. So we worked together pretty quickly! We are working on speed and technology: turns and development of other elements …

– In February, you returned from the European Cup, which was held in Spain.

– Yes, the fees that preceded our trip to Spain were not in vain! There we realized that our results are going uphill, we are doing everything right.

– In Sochi, after the training camp, a regatta was to be held, but due to the difficult situation in the world, it had to be canceled.

– Initially, our plans were fees, victory in this regatta and rest. We did not plan to travel abroad, because we had to prepare first of all physically. They should have only gone to Taganrog for the Russian Cup.

– One way or another, all over the world, coronavirus is on the agenda, are you somehow discussing this with the guys? What is the mood in the team as a whole?

– No, nobody thinks about it. Everyone clearly goes to their goal, training, not paying attention to anything!

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