Materiel could not resist

In Barcelona (Spain) ended with the traditional “Christmas regatta” – 43rd Palamós Christmas Race.

It was planned four days of racing, but I had to limit myself to two. On Thursday, the launches did not take place due to too strong wind, and today, Saturday, due to the fact that there was no wind at all.

If you remember, in the 470 class (30 participants) after the first day of the regatta, and three races were leading our Paul Sozykin and Denis Gribanov – 5 points, two first and one third parishes. But in the end the strong Russian crew were only nine. What happened?

Here’s what Paul wrote and Denys, answering the question of Yacht Russia:

– The barrel in average 20 knots with a short wave height of 2 meters. The load on the materiel was serious. In the first race of the day was the first, but crumbled baler. During the second race was repaired on the beach, the third race was late to start – for three minutes, finished eighth…

In the same regatta as part of the Spanish collection participated “laserist” St. Petersburg sailing school “Krestovsky island” Daniil Krutskikh, Maria Kisluhina and Elizaveta Borovkova.

– We either blowing or not blowing, told school coach Diana Krutskikh this morning. On Friday, for example, three races conducted in strong wind. Lisa was a failure and had to help be repaired. Masha “patsula”, the same thing happened and Dani in the second race…

In the end, Daniel became the 6th (in the fleet from 26 participants), Mary and Elizabeth, respectively the 15th and 27th (31 participants). And won the “Laser-radial” Elena Vorobyova, an advocate for Croatia.

Full results –

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