Another yacht abandoned in the ocean

June 4, 2019

      Another yacht abandoned in the ocean
      The New Zealand edition Stuff reported today that a Norwegian yachtsman, who set out on soloing from New Zealand to Tahiti on May 14, filed a distress signal, reporting that serious "mechanical damage" had occurred on his 13-meter Albatross yacht.

Another yacht abandoned in the ocean

The patrol Orion sent to the reconnaissance mission found a boat in a given area (about halfway from New Zealand) and made radio contact with the yachtsman. He said that he was in order and safety, but … would like to be removed from the yacht (literally: " his sailboat ").

The conditions at the same time in the search area were not something threatening – the wave height was about 3-3.5 meters, the wind speed was about 20 knots.

The crew of the patrolman contacted by radio the merchant ship Olga, located 100 miles from the scene of the incident, which after noon (local time) removed the Norwegian from the board. What made the sailor to give a distress signal is still unknown.

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