Another bout of paranoia

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Estonia, without explanation, denied the sailing ship “Sedov” in the entry into the territorial waters of the country.

In this regard, the Russian Embassy in Estonia issued a Statement in which he described “the ban on Russian training ship “Sedov” is planned on 13-14 April the entry into the territorial waters of the Republic of Estonia as an unfriendly act by the Estonian authorities carried out, especially on the eve of the forthcoming visit to Moscow of the President of Estonia”.

The Statement of the Russian Embassy said:

“In the memory of many residents of the Estonian capital from last year docked at the port of Tallinn, two Russian sailing ships “Sedov” and “Peace” that became a real holiday for Tallina visited with a guided tour on Board both vessels.

Arrival transformed after a repair and restore to its original appearance of a sailing vessel “Sedov” is expected in Tallinn with undisguised impatience now. It is easy to imagine the huge disappointment, which will test local residents learned about the ban”.


It is worth Recalling that just a month ago the foreign intelligence Department of Estonia issued an overview of the threats to international security which is from page 61 of 67 was devoted to Russia.

Shortly after the release of this more than strange document we are in the Yacht Russia commented on some of his passages. Noted, in particular, that a whole Chapter of the Review on “practices of Russia’s use of the civil courts in the interests of safety”. The example visited in the summer of 2018 Tallinn sailing ship “Mir” was described as the Russian civil court (including private sailing yacht) is supposedly trying (or tried) to enter the area, where are the teachings of other States or to go “under various pretexts in the closed to navigation areas”.

Especially the authors of the report did not like that during their visits to the ports of Western countries, the crews of these vessels actively communicate with representatives of the local Russian communities. And was amused by the passage about the presence in the crew of the Russian sailing yachts and sail training vessels “polite people”, leading preventive intelligence, that is to say, the future of TVD.

Well, paranoia is not deadly, but very, very dangerous.


It is clear that the refusal of the “Sedov” in the entry into the territorial waters of Estonia – is a continuation of the old foolish policy of the authorities of the country. And it is not surprising that this decision was taken just a few days before the visit to Moscow of the President of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid.

It remains to add that captain-coach of the barque “Sedov” Mikhail Novikov said further navigation plans of the famous Barca the decision of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Estonia will have no effect and the ship will continue the path, passing Tallinn.

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