Welcome to the regatta in Holland!

“The Cup of the bar” invites you to take part in the adventure! Sailing on Holland in the first week of may!

We understand that in Holland you may have. But if you saw her on Board the yacht? If not – I think that this Holland you are not yet familiar. Well, there’s a chance to correct the matter – besides, in may, when all the breath of spring and freshness, but it’s warm.

“The Cup of the lawyers” the famous regatta, which is held by the Moscow Collegium of advocates “Ulova and partners” and the Company yacht travel “Palitra”. Don’t be fooled by the name: tell you a secret, you will be happy, even if the lawyers and the lawyers you have the vaguest idea. Moreover, the sailing experience is also not required. Qualified skippers will explain and a lot to teach, no doubt!

Lemmer, Enkhuizen, Medemblik, the island of Texel, Hindelopen and re-Lemmer – here is the itinerary of this journey. Name something some! Magical!!! And now there is an opportunity in these places to visit. So is it worth to miss the chance?

If you are curious – go to the website of the regatta http://advocatecup.ru/ to get all the details. And I hope to be meeting!

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