Day to day – after 50 years

April 24, 2019

      Day to day – after 50 years
      On April 22, 1969, this man immortalized his name in the history of sailing, being the first in the world to go round the globe alone without stopping. In honor of the 50th anniversary of this event, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston arrived April 20, 2019 in Falmouth on his yacht Suhaili.

Day to day - after 50 years

The next morning, Sir Robin visited the exhibition, which opened in the National Maritime Museum of Falmouth, which presents previously unknown to the public photos, telling about his round-the-world (the exhibition will run until September 1).

And on the same day, a symbolic sign was solemnly opened on the northern embankment of the city – a Knox-Johnston bronze footprint to mark its first steps on land after 312 days spent at sea.

On April 22, a parade was held in the port of Falmouth in honor of Suhaili and her captain. Everything was as it was 50 years ago: a sailing flotilla met the yacht, warships saluted the brave yachtsman; And the sailboats appeared from the fog that covered the sea and the land. The legendary cache, whose tiller was, of course, Knox-Johnston himself, crossed the finish line at about 15:25 – it was at this time 50 years ago that Suhaili returned home from the Around the World.

On the same day there was a meeting with the public (among which, by the way, the mayor of Falmouth was noticed) at which Knox-Johnston was assisted by Michael Golding.

In his address, Sir Robin paid special attention to the role of sailing in the formation of the younger generation, because, according to him, this opens up unprecedented horizons and opportunities, gives great joy and pleasure.

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, who founded the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race in 1996, said on this occasion: “I love sailing, there is so much joy in it. And I really want everyone to have the opportunity to try it. Go to sea, find out what it is. Feel what a wind is on a boat, fresh air, the sun, and the sea, and especially the sea, it always changes, it never looks like a minute ago. ”

The festive events in Falmouth ended with an autograph session at which seo Robin signed his recently published book Free free.

And finally, it was on April 22 that the shooting of the Russian documentary feature film “People of Big Water” began, supported by the team Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.

This film tells about those who have dedicated their lives to the ocean, and among them, of course, about Robin Knox-Johnston. The director of the film is Alexander Panov, behind whose shoulders transitions on the barge "Sedov" and other voyages. He is the author of numerous films, including a documentary tape about the transition of the Russian frigate "Standart" from the Canary Islands to the shores of Europe – "Eighteen people on the dead man's chest." The details of the new film are not disclosed, but according to the idea it will cover various aspects of the theme “man and the ocean”, including, of course, sailing and the world of ocean racing.

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