The first participants of the Route du Rhum almost made it to Western trade winds

The leaders division ULTIME françois Gabaret (François Gabart) and Francis Guion (Francis Joyon), extending to 120 nautical miles from each other, passed the Azores and Madeira and almost came to the Western trade winds. To the zone of constant winds, they, presumably, have to go a few hours. Now for the biggest and speed boats in the fleet of the Route du Rhum opened the way across the Atlantic.

Now they are in the area with winds of about 20 knots and the waves about 2.5–3 meters. Such conditions are incomparably better than the storm, during which on Tuesday at tri – armel Le Cle (Armel Le Cléac’h) just off the right building. This “transitional” zone in the area of Madeira, where the winds are not very strong and stable, requires boaters careful work with sails, but at the same time allows you to finally inspect their boats and to deal with minor repairs. So, Dim admitted that he had broken a pair of lat at the grotto.

To Madeira and suitable fleet of IMOCA, the leader of which remains the Briton Alex Thomson (Alex Thomson). From the nearest pursuers, the German Boris Hermann (Boris Herrmann) and French Fields Malata (Paul Meilhat), it is separated by a little more than 60 nautical miles. Close to the three leaders and the Frenchman Vincent RIOU (Vincent Riou). However, because of the need to take a more southerly course, Thompson, who tried to keep to the North-West the rest of the fleet, may partially lose their advantage. If he is too close to the center of the anticyclone, which is West of it, where the wind loses its force, even its rapid HUGO BOSS will inevitably lose speed.

“The game is to get to the South, in a zone of high pressure and trade winds. First to realize, and he won. There’s no doubt about it. There is a strong possibility that we — or I, or the guys behind get stuck in the turn zone of high pressure, so that the most important thing now is to take the South and to try to overcome this boundary,” — says Alex Thomson.

Running seventh in division IMOCA Swiss Alan Ruhr (Alan Roura) is pleased to think that the most difficult times in the race now behind us.

“After Lisbon all goes well. The wind is very unstable and the power, and direction, but we’re normal, so I’m happy. A lot has happened and I’m glad that’s all behind us. We have experienced the worst, and now the wind should weaken. We are waiting for a protracted transitional phase, to reach the trade winds will not be easy. But we — and the people and boats — had already suffered enough,” said Rura.

Despite the difficult conditions of the last days, in the Multi50 division still competing all six sides, released at the start in Saint-Malo. Only Thierry Bouchard (Thierry Bouchard) coming in fifth place, damaged the mechanism halyard the mainsail, which was torn from the mast of the ring with a barrage of 55 knots. Bouchard set only the jib and moving South-East, pending advice from the coast team. He’s probably going to go in Lisbon (Portugal).

To the coveted trade winds in the South while approaching only the armel Tripon (Armel Tripon). Though formally the leader of the group Thibault Vase-camu (Thibaut Vauchel-Camus) and separated 123 nautical miles, in fact, of the three leaders of the Tripon came the closest to Madeira. Vase-Camus and his closest rival in the 50 nautical miles South-East of Frenchman Erwan Le Roux (Erwan Le Roux), apparently decided to “cut corners” to the North, via the Azores.

Whose decision will be correct, time will tell. It is noteworthy that the “Northern” path is chosen and a novice division Vose-camu, and experienced yachtsman, Le Roux, three — time winner of the transatlantic race name Jacques Vabre (Jacques Vabre) and the winner of the last Route du Rhum Multi50 division.

“We deserved the trade winds. Since then, as I turned West, I met for the third front. Yes, and it is time to get to places warmer, but I have to wear a suit of kit for survival to keep warm. Really looking forward to when we reach the Azores: where the sea will be warmer, nicer, and I’ll be able to eat normally. With the start of the race I was able to eat just one freeze-dried dinner and all other meals — nutritional bars and cereal bars” — dreams Vase-Camus.

The leader of the CLASS40 remains a Frenchman Yoann Risom (Yoann Richomme). From the nearest pursuers — Briton Phil sharp (Phil Sharp) and French emerica, Sapele (Aymeric Chappelier) — it is separated by more than 30 nautical miles. In division RHUM MULTI Anthony Pierre (Pierre Antoine) pulled away from rivals at 230 nm. The leader of the RHUM MONO Lavigne Sidney (Sidney Gavignet) comes with a margin of 194 nautical miles.

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