Left fifth

August 21, 2019

      Left fifth
      Stefania Elfutina retained 5th place after the RS: X class medal race at the pre-Olympic test competitions nearing the end in Enoshima (Japan).

Left fifth

In the medal race, Elfutina finished only 9th and scored 74 points in total.

The winner of the pre-Olympic tournament was Chinese Liu Yongxiu: she was more than enough in 4th place in the medal race to leave the first line in the table. Liu Yongxiu has 53 points – 5 less than the Olympic champion Rio Charlene Picon from France, who won first place in the medal race.

It is worth noting that the overall level of the top ten in this class was truly stellar: for example, the winner of the integrated world championship-2018 Lilian de Geus (Holland) finished only 7th in the regatta – she has 86 points.

Classroom Results –


RS: X, men. The winner of the pre-Olympic tournament, as we expected, was Gao Menfang (China). Recall that Alexander Askerov took 21st place (out of 24).


In three more disciplines where the medal races took place today, the Russians were not represented.




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