Jan Guichard: fifth attempt – autumn!

April 24, 2019

      Jan Guichard: fifth attempt – autumn!
      The famous Spindrift maxi-trimaran skipper 2 Jan Guichard announced that he would again try to become the owner of the Jules Verne Trophy this coming fall with his team.

Jan Guichard: fifth attempt - autumn!

Recall that for Gishara and Spindrift 2 this will be the fifth attempt to set a world record for a non-stop world race.

In 2016, the team was forced to go the distance, when the finish line was only 2600 miles, because of the massive anticyclone, which would have to bypass the edge. Guichard made a second attempt in early January 2018, but a few hours after the start he gave the command to return to the port. A few days later, Spindrift 2 took off again, but lost the mast on the very first day of the race.

And finally, the fourth attempt ended in failure on February 1 of this year, when Spindrift 2 damaged the right rudder 1,200 nautical miles from Cape Lyuwin in the Southern Ocean. It is worth noting that all 16 days that the trimaran was on the way, it was significantly ahead of the record schedule of its principal rivals – IDEC-SPORT trimaran and skipper Francis Juillon, who owns Jules Verne Trophy since 2017.

Guichard emphasized that the repair of Spindrift 2 was completed, a number of ship's nodes were modernized, and now the trimaran has become faster and more reliable. According to the skipper, the maximum readiness mode for launch will begin this time on October 1 and will last no more than two months.

Well, we wish Gishar and his team good luck. I want to believe, for the fifth time, they finally get lucky.

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