On kite – from Sakhalin to Hokkaido!

October 19, 2019

      On kite – from Sakhalin to Hokkaido!
      The press service of VneshTradeService LTD, with understandable pride, said that with the support of the company a world record had been set!

On kite - from Sakhalin to Hokkaido!

Vtsport.ru informs: “The four-time Russian kite surfing champion Evgeny Novozheev on October 15 at 10:40 entered the water at Cape Krillon on Sakhalin and after 2 hours 56 minutes, covering 53 km, finished in Japan near Wakkanai (port on the island of Hokkaido), Becoming the first athlete to cross the Laperouse Strait on a kiteboard.

Here is what Eugene tells about this event:

“The northwest wind blew, about 10-12 m / s. Closer gusts came from Japan, remnants of a recent cyclone. I moved in one direction most of the way, that is, the load went on one leg. At Cape Soya (the northernmost point of the Japanese island of Hokkaido), fishermen forbade me to land, because there are many nets. I had to go another 10 km, and it would be even faster than 2 hours 56 minutes. ”

Especially for this transition, Eugene was provided with NeilPryde hydroclothing:

“This time I did not put on a dry wetsuit, as, for example, when passing the Bering Strait in 2011, but decided to use the 6 mm NeilPryde. I chose the Cortex Fullsuit 6/5 mm with integrated hood. For a long time I didn’t ride in warm neoprene hydriks. The manufacturer declared the comfortable use of Cortex 6/5 at temperatures from 6 to 12 degrees. But when I went the distance in the morning, it was cooler than 6. I must admit that I had doubts that it could be cool in this wetsuit when it gets wet and starts to blow in the wind. But I didn’t feel anything like that, which was insanely happy! Technology has stepped far ahead. New materials such as YAMAMOTO neoprene and HOTCELL2 insulation work 100%! The wetsuit is very elastic, comfortable, absolutely does not let water through and is not blown. Thanks to the MTC for the provided Neilpryde equipment, which I did not regret choosing! ”

And we congratulate Eugene on setting a new world record and thank you for your contribution to the popularization of water sports! We look forward to a movie about this event, which will be released in about a month. "

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