Black Sea, behind her “Akhmat.” “Akhmat”, followed by Black Sea

April 23, 2019

      Black Sea, behind her "Akhmat." "Akhmat", followed by Black Sea
      Last weekend in Tuapse, which first hosted the regatta of the National Sailing League, passed the second stage of the Supreme Division. Here is what the website VFPS reports

Black Sea, behind her "Akhmat." "Akhmat", followed by Black Sea

Tuapse met the Higher Division with very difficult weather – both for the participants and for the judges: the changeable wind, whose direction and strength (from zero to 12 knots) was impossible to predict. On Saturday, four races were conducted only due to the persistence of the judiciary. Only the final day did not disappoint: it was shortened, but fruitful. As a result, within the framework of the stage 24 races were held, fifteen teams recorded 8 races, eight teams – 9 (the total results were summarized by eight).

The Black Sea of ​​Andrei Malygin, Andrei Kirilyuk, Alexey Borisov and Leonid Klepikov drove away perfectly in Tuapse. At the first stage of the National Sailing League in Sochi, the team won fifth place, and at the second stage they took the lead on the regatta on the first day and carried it to the finish line! It really helped to establish itself in the first place, and the victory won by the Black Sea in the final race of the stage: 1-1-1-4-6-2-2-1. High results allow Black Sea to stand in the offset of the season-2019 in second position.

The winner of the launch stage of the Higher Division, Akhmat, protecting the colors of the Chechen Republic, started the regatta in Tuapse difficult: after the first day, she was only in sixth position. The second day did not greatly change the result. However, the high potential of the collective of Alexander Bozhko, Roman Konstantinov, Oleg Kuzmin and Alexander Andrianov could not be revealed. The team showed a brilliant performance under the curtain of the regatta (2-1-1), which allowed it to push aside the NAVIGATOR Trem and RUS7 and climb to the second line of the overall standings of the stage. Dedication in action! And "Akhmat" continues to lead in the standings of the season.

Bronze medals of the stage were won by NAVIGATOR Trem Alexandra Peterson, Sergey Desyukevich, Andrey Dmitriev and Vladimir Mayantsev. Excellent performance (2-4-1-2-3-1-4-2), the long-awaited and deserved podium. Note that on points “Akhmat” and the team of the yacht club “Navigator” were equal, and the victory of “Akhmat” in this duel ensured a greater number of victories. In the overall standings of the season at NAVIGATOR Trem third place.

Confident performance under the curtain of the regatta was demonstrated by the Moscow team of ZID art Sailing Team Evgeny Neugodnikov, Vladimir Chaus, Sergey Volchkov and Daniil Banayan – 1-1-2. However, even two wins did not help the team to reach the podium – fourth place. This is the second fourth place of the ZID art Sailing Team in the season.

One of the favorites of the first two racing days, an experienced RUS7 team of Sergey Shevtsov, Vitaly Rozhkov, Dmitry Malyavsky and Yulia Vorobyova failed to show stable results on the final day and retreated to fifth place.

In the sixth position, the team of the Academy of Sailing Yacht Club of St. Petersburg Anna Basalkina, Alexey Moskvichev, Vitaly Gallo and Maxim Budnikov completed the races in Tuapse.

The results of the second stage –

The sum of the two stages took place –

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