Uku and Maybi Randmaa “On the road. With and without you

Today       Uku and Maybi Randmaa “On the road. With and without you Friends! Yachtsmen! Yacht Russia is preparing to release a new book! It was written by Estonian yachtsman Uku Randmaa, who took part in the Golden Globe Race around the world, which started in 2018, and his wife Maybi, who was taking care of the house and their little twins at that time. We bring to your attention the first chapters of the book. © Golden Globe Race Do Read more

The road of the sun Alain Gerbo

Today       The road of the sun Alain Gerbo Alain Gerbo – legend of France. Not only was he the first of the French to go sailing around the world alone, he was able to tell this talentedly. And Gerbo proved: it is not necessary to be a sailor, a real "sea wolf", to make such a trip. Read in our "coronavirus" project – 56 Today # 10086                                                                  Chief Editor

Zhuillon again hit the road

Yesterday       Zhuillon again hit the road       Last night, Moscow time, the 63-year-old skipper Francis Zhuillon and four members of his crew, leaving the IDEC SPORT max trimaran from Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), headed for Shenzhen (China). The third stage of Zhuillon’s record tour is very short – only 870 nautical miles. It is planned that IDEC SPORT will cover this distance in three (maximum – four) days, depending on wind conditions. It is worth noting that on the path Read more

Month on the road. The flight is normal.

March 28, 2019       Month on the road. The flight is normal.       How is the blind yachtsman Mitsuhiro Iwamoto, who, together with his friend Doug Smith, sailing on a 13-meter yacht from the USA to Japan? 6000 nautical miles, by the way. Things are going well. Today, March 28, is a significant day: The Dream Weaver (the so-called Iwamoto and Smith yacht) crossed the international date line. By the way, yesterday, the day was also significant: exactly one month passed from Read more