Halfway to Martinique

Exactly half way to the finish of a single of the transatlantic race Mini Transat took place over a week, its participants, writes Andrei Petrov. If, having spread out on the table map, draw a circle with a radius of 300 miles with the center in the middle of the General course, the inside of the resulting circle, we find almost 90% of the riders coming across the ocean.

And objectively speaking, it is still not clear how stable you can call the advantage to this weekend have a boat of conventional South-Western quadrant.

After the beginning of the week the fleet of participants in the race sufficiently departed from the Canary Islands, has begun its division into three groups: “Northern”, “southern” and those in the middle. North some time held the line leading to the end point of the route, but in the end decided to rise above the General rate. Only about ten yachts from the serial division and five proto chose the strategy of “climb higher”, which, recall, said in an interview before the start of and Russian Irina Gracheva (579, serie).

Interestingly, her most in this group were left at a disadvantage shortly after the start, Irina attempted to address the unfavourable situation for yourself and join those who chose at the initial stage of the race South. In the South in that time it was assumed the wind is stronger, and it was possible to calculate that the loss in distance will be more than offset by the speed. Looking ahead, we note that this assumption was correct.

Another Russian participant, Fyodor Druzhinin (759, proto), the choice was, presumably, much simpler: after losing time to repair at the end of which he found himself at the tail of the division, Fedor chose not to waste time on the maneuver and was left among those who were above the General rate. Headed northbound Mathieu Vincent (947 serie) – bronze medalist at the first stage of the Mini-Transat.

Generally, it is interesting that three members of the race, which in the first stage, up on the prize podium in the division serial yachts, has now chosen a completely different route. And if Mathieu Vincent, as we said, at some point was in the far North of the fleet, his silver mate pedestal Felix de Navacelles (916 serie) – in the South. The range of boats according to the height of up to 450 miles. The followers Navesele with some confidence can be attributed to 8 yachts of serial class and 3-4 proto.

The leader of the first stage in the “series” Ambrogio Beccaria (943) headed the conditional average group of players, trying to keep below the General rate, but still not much away to the South. Characteristically, the same direction adhered to by the leaders of the division proto – staying together Axel Tree (945), Tonga of Bouroullec (969) and Francois Gambo (865).

When three groups of “interest” is finally formed, it was interesting to see which of them will be in a better position in the next few days. Recall that the “South” was promised a nice tailwind up to 20 knots against 14-15 in “the North”. In General, the forecast was justified, and in the middle of the week is their advantage in speed was obvious. However, not all of those who are deeply moved South, could tactically choose the right moment when they ought to tuck to the West, and in the end lost in the distance too much. In this sense, the optimum can be called the trajectory of the leaders of the race in both divisions, which today are Ambrogio Beccaria and Francois Gambo.

But the “North”, we can say, with no luck. On Wednesday on the way they formed a fairly extensive area of high pressure in which wind speed fell to 10 knots. Slowed and promotion of the yacht in the distance. On Thursday, this spot began to bear South-West, and those who do not have time to get caught up, tried to stay on the edge, keeping yourself in the flow of the primary wind.

As of Saturday the lead, leaving almost General course, Francois Gambo. The second is Ambrogio Beccaria – best in the division Serie. Irina Gracheva had a brilliant period of racing and has improved its position, rising from 53 th to 26-th place in their group. Successfully got out of a difficult situation and Fyodor Druzhinin, he is at the 17th place from the top ten is separated by about 100 miles. Closes the race, the Italian Matteo Sericano (888, proto), which had just left one of the Islands of Cape Verde, where went for a forced repair.

Andrei Petrov

The leaders of the divisions as of 09.11.2019:

Division yachts “proto”:

1. Francois Gambo (1150 miles from the finish)

2. Axel Tree (1230 miles)

3. Erwan Le Me (1310 miles)

Division serial yacht:

1. Ambrogio Beccaria (1190 miles)

2. Benjamin Ferrers (1240 miles)

3. Nicolas Destoy (1250 miles)

Part of the Russian jahtsmenov in the Mini-Transat is supported by the companies of NORD consulting, Griffon, Ullman Sails, Fordewind-Regatta, Gill, A. P. I. Marine, Sail Ropes, NAVTEAM, WISTA Russia, “Alfa insurance”, Aquapac, “Mobile century”, Nautix, MX6, Lyophilise & Co.

Sponsorship Irina Gracheva provides Path Yachting Foundation.

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