Jean-Luc van den Heede will continue to race in the overall standings of the Golden Globe Race

Jean-Luc van den Heede (Jean-Luc van den Heede), the former leader of the Golden Globe Race, due to severe damage to the mast had to go to class Chichester. However, the Frenchman will continue competition in the overall standings — a decision on 8 November was attended by the organizers of the race.

GGR rules state that the swim must be continuous and single, and also during the flight cannot accept any outside assistance. The participants fall into the class Chichester, if once will go to the port and use to repair the parts that were on land. To request assistance by phone is also impossible.

After the detection of a breakdown van den Heede was almost sure that he completed the race, and was phoned on the land. Also he was going to change course and instead of Cape horn to go for repairs in the port of Valparaiso in Chile.

Thus, formally, he got into the class Chichester on the basis of violations of two rules of the race. But it was not so easy.

Van den Heede not received any benefit through their calls. He just reported the situation. Before Valparaiso, he also still had a long way. Meanwhile, the sailor had the idea about how he could independently fix the breakdown. The race rules is not forbidden to listen to the radio for tips that can broadcast support team member. Did the friends of the yachtsman.

On reflection, Jean-Luc decided that they would continue the journey to Cape horn. In the end, he can always move to a class Chichester later if you realize that his idea didn’t work. Penalty will be time penalty, as it was early in the race with Komarom Istvan (Istvan Kopar), when he broke autopilot.

The return of van den Heede is bad, and good for chasing his American Brand of Slats (Slats Mark). On the one hand, the Slats, which almost became the leader of the GGR is again in second position. On the other hand, Jean-Luc obviously can’t move with the same speed, and therefore, the Slats have a real chance to overtake him and win the first place in the race “fair”. Now boaters parts of 1,900 nautical miles.

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