One step higher

Come to the end of the seventh day since the start of the second stage of the transatlantic race Mini Transat La Boulangère. During the last hours of Russian team Irina Gracheva and Feodor Druzhinin was able to climb up in the table one step each.

Grachev (579) now occupies the 27th place (out of 64 released at the start of the second stage) in the division, a serial yacht. Druzhinin – the 17th (of 22 starters) in the Proto division.

The leaders of the former Italian Ambrogio Beccaria in Serie Jambu and Francois (France) to Proto. Both are far ahead of their closest rivals – 50 and 82 nm, respectively, and the first peresekli mark the middle distance between Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, and town of Le Marin in Martinique.

Tracker racing Mini-Transat La Boulangère –

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