Staluppi, John Staluppi: Spectre Benetti delivered to the owner

Italian shipyard Benetti delivered to the owners of the 69-metre mega yacht Spectre of steel and aluminium. The boat went to mass fans of the brand: the American couple John and Jeanette, Staluppi (John and Jeanette Staluppi).

Family Staluppi — fans of movies about James bond. In addition, they love Italian style sports cars of the 50’s and 60’s and the adrenaline rush while participating in the race. These are the sources of inspiration Staluppi invited the creators of the Spectre.

However, over the last 10 years this is the third yacht, created in cooperation of the shipyard with these customers, and a tribute to “James bond” from the very beginning has been the hallmark of this partnership. The name of the first project “Moonraker” (“Moonraker”), the second — “The World Is Not Enough” (“the world is not enough”). The same can be said about the speed boat.

The result of the work of Giorgio M. Cassetta (Giorgio M. Cassetta, design) and Dutch Mulder Design (naval architecture) has become a sporty, dynamic and at the same time very traditional boat with a long sharp nose. The founder of Mulder Design Frank Mulder (Frank Mulder) dubbed Spectre “high speed cruise case” (the “High Speed Cruising Hull”). Mulder Design have developed a project for Staluppi for the ninth time.

This time, the reference for the underwater hull was from 25 military and other high-performance vessels.

“I like the Spectre. This is a great example of how masterfully interwoven culture of the owner and the shipyard,” says the project’s designer, Giorgio M., Cassett.

Boat width of 11.7 meters. With a displacement of 1 thousand tons, her draught was only 3.2 meters.

The yacht can speed up to 21.2 node, which is 30% higher than her sisters the same size. Usually they are not able to go faster than 17 knots.

At a cruising speed of 12 knots Spectre without refueling can take up to 6,5 thousand nautical miles. To suffer from thirst, the inhabitants of the ship does not have: for a long journey, it is possible to store up to 18 thousand liters of fresh water.

The movement of the boat lead 2 diesel engine 12VMTU 4000 Series power 3460 horsepower each. To improve manageability at the bow and at the stern Spectre is equipped with an electric thruster with a power of 268 horsepower each.

For the first time on a boat of this size used the technology Dynamics Total Ride Control from Naiad, which allows, like the shock absorbers in the car, at the same time to stabilize the movement of the vessel in different planes to maintain optimum running trim.

For Spectre also has 3 electrogenerator Northern Light at 200 kV, capable in the port to operate in the mode to 185 sq.

The interior design was developed by the specialists Benetti. The owners were actively involved in the selection of furniture.

The reference for the design of the cabins were French boutiques and hotels of the late 19th century.

For example, the influence of the Parisian art Deco feel when you look at the floor, the carpet and especially the Windows of the main salon. The style is delightfully modern textiles from Armani chosen by the owners.

But about all under the order. On the lower deck at the stern Spectre located a fixed swimming platform, which is separated from the beach club sliding glass door. Also on this level is left for garage and engine room. On Board is enough space for a 9-metre tender, a 7.5-metre boat support and two jet skis.

In the center of the deck of the yacht guests will find a true Spa with Hammam, massage room and gym. Massages, if desired, can be converted to guest quarters. Towards the bow is occupied by 2 full quarters. Spectre only has space for 12 guests.

On the lower level, the Spectre, are all 8 cabins for 13 crew members. According to Benetti, large and comfortable cabins for the crew was one of the priorities in the development of the project.

Large open bow area has become the main attraction of the main deck. Here easily it is possible to land a helicopter. It blends in to the rest area and the entrance area with shelves for wine, living room and dining room. Further aft again, a lot of space given over to storage. Here, at the stern is located the main lobby with a spiral staircase and cylindrical glass Elevator.

On this level are 2 further guest cabins. Each of them thought individual showers and dressing rooms.

Besides them, on the main deck is a large VIP cabin, with two bathrooms and two dressing rooms with an area of 90 square meters each fits flat.

The top deck plays the role of a place to stay. 110 square meters open space on the stern is given over a 4-metre dining table, and two symmetrical buffer zones for communication. Inside the cabin, which occupies 90 square meters, are L-shaped sitting area, table for casual Lunches and a bar.

Closer to the nose is located the guest lobby and apartment owners, which include private study itself and living quarters with two bathrooms and two walk-in closets. Along the sides at this level, the Spectre is a terrace which leads onto a small bow open area.

The bridge has also become a recreational area. Aft of this deck there is a swimming pool, 2 sunbeds, a bar and a Central area, the layout of which can vary depending on the needs. Also here you find more informal dining area.

Grill and pizza for lunch you can cook in the ovens right next to the tables.

Here are the captain’s quarters and control area.

Plenty of space, elegant luxury and comfort — all this Spectre. Is it any wonder that the creation of this giant, according to the shipyard, took 750,000 man-hours?

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