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      The fifth day of the Brest Atlantiques race, which started in Brest, France, ends, in which four Ultim-class maxi-trimarans take part. Now the route (whose total length is 14 thousand nautical miles) leads participants across the Atlantic to the coast of Brazil.

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<p>The position on the distance is as follows. Trimarans entered the equatorial calm strip. The leader is still Maxi Edmond de Rothschild (skippers – Frank Camma and Charles Codrelier), followed by Macif (Francois Gabard / Gwenole Gaine), and the distance between them increases. At 9 am Moscow time on Sunday, it was already 76 miles. The Masif’s speed is only 2.7 knots, while the Rothschild’s is 15.2.</p>
<p>This is primarily due to the fact that on the eve of Macif, at the latitude of Cape Verde, I ran into an unidentified object, as a result of which the steering wheel feather of the main building was damaged. The crew was not injured upon impact and decided to continue the race, reach the coast of Brazil and make repairs in one of the local ports.</p>
<p>The third in the race is Sodebo Ultim 3 (Tom Coville / Jean-Luc Nelia), gradually approaching Macif and now lagging behind the leader by 94.4 miles. The closing fourth is the Actual Leader (skippers – Yves le Bleve / Alex Pella) – 295 miles behind.</p>
<p>Approximately 20 percent of the total distance covered. Recall that the trimarans will have to go around the Kagarras Islands (five kilometers from Rio) and head for South Africa, and reaching it, go around Robben Island (12 kilometers from Cape Town) – then turn back to Brest, where they are last Tuesday took off.</p>
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