5 good books on yachting (issue 1)

Whether to teach the theory and read books to learn how to sail? No. But only on the condition that you have unlimited opportunities to practice and you’re not afraid to “bump” myself and the boat. And if you think that everything will turn out right the first time, because sailing is in your blood, that see collection of videos on our portal and on our village Facebook. Clearer than you can imagine.

“Learn and never stop learning” – will tell you any experienced skipper. “Read if you want to achieve something in sailing” – will tell you any professional yachtsman. Fortunately, books and textbooks in yachting and sailing a great many. However, this is also a problem: the source of many, but not to read all in a row? To choose the really good books, and we need recommendations and reviews.

This is why we are launching a category “5 good books on yachting”. Periodically we will offer a book collection, which includes books and materials recommended by professional yachtsmen and sailors. Moreover, and novelties, if they are worth it, and the book “at all times”.

Maritime navigation. A practical guide for boaters

Author: Sergey Akatyev

Year: 2011

On the pages of this book got experience Yachting school Oleg Goncharenko. She is literally steeped in the practice of training sailors and created only for this purpose – to understand, access and basing on practice to teach marine navigation. Moreover, the book will be suitable for both beginners and for experienced helmsmen and captains.

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Yacht captain

Author: Vladimir Petrunin

Year: 2012

Many call this book a cult classic. For many years, it is recommended in the yachting schools as one of the most sensible and balanced guidance for owners of sailing and motor yachts. In fact it is translated into the plain language of the coastal course in the educational systems of the RYA and IYT.

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The theory of sailing

Author: Czeslaw MArchI

Year: 1963/2011

Work the Polish yachtsman Czeslaw Marcha, first published in 1963. The book was rare 50 years ago, and it is difficult to find in the market today. It collected voluminous theoretical base for sailing, richly flavored with numerous practical examples and drawings. The book will be useful for sailing enthusiasts who seek to expand their knowledge on the way to the top skill.

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Technology training in sailing

Author: Akimenko V.

Year: 2010

The book contains theoretical and practical recommendations for training to compete in sailing – from the Amateur regattas before the Olympic games. In based on technology from the extensive practice of the USSR team, previously unavailable to a wide range of yachting, revised to reflect modern requirements. The book discloses methods of sports training at various levels and the concept of “shape” in sailing. It will be an indispensable guide for Amateurs and professionals of yachting.

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Maritime practice in pictures

Authors: Harald Starclose, Robert Das

Year: 2014

This textbook and reference book, and a picture album devoted to the most diverse marine situation and activity: mooring, taking reef, hoist the sails, anchoring, man overboard, etc., etc. For completeness the theoretical part meets the editor of the magazine Yacht Harald Starclose, and for clarity – the yachtsman and marine painter Robert Das.

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