Four errors superyacht designer

Pascal Raymond, Mike Reeves, wild Bannenberg and Andrew winch share stories of their failures

As you know, is not mistaken who does nothing, but if you know where you fall, we can and straw podstelit. At the Symposium on superyacht design SDS — 2019 (Superyacht Design Symposium), which annually organizes the magazine Boat International, the leading representatives of the industry spoke about the mistakes that they had to make during his long career, and the lessons they have learned. Their experience was shared by Pascal Raymond (Pascale Reymond), Mike Reeves (Mike Reeves), wild Bannenberg (Dickie Bannenberg) and Andrew winch (Andrew Winch).

Creative Director and founder of Winch Design Andrew winch and co-founder of Claydon Reeves Mike Reeves was warned of how dangerous it is to dedicate yourself to the project finally approved.

Winch recalled how he once went with his command to the Middle East in order to participate in the competition to design the interior of the largest private jet in the world.

“In the end we won, but we learned about it in ten years. The project was a bust. The moral of the story? First, make sure that the project is serious, and only then get down to it.”

Reeves told of how his company designed 12 sketches of yachts “in all colors zodiac signs”:

“The client requested 12 such submarines, but when we were done, disappeared without a trace. Need a responsible approach to the choice of the customers, otherwise might be wasted lose a lot of time and money.”

Pascal Raymond — co-founder Reymond Langton — shared cautionary tale about “Golden Buddha”. According to her, it is impossible to buy anything blindly. She considers this a good example that always mentions it in conversation with new employees.

Once Raymond had ordered the 1.6-metre-high Golden Buddha, which would look great in the garden of her client. Personally she didn’t see him, but believed the descriptions in the network. Two months later, the statue arrived, and for its transportation were even ordered two cranes.

“When the Buddha was brought in, I was terrified. Thick, weighty and, most importantly, not gold. It was made of stone, and the top was just a layer of gold paint”.

Unsuccessfully trying to shake off a new purchase local the London temple, Raymond just put it in storage. “Here describes all possible error: the size, weight and color were all wrong. Now I buy only what we see with own eyes”, — summed up the designer.

The head of the firm Bannenberg & Rowell Design wild Bannenberg agree that performance is very important. If you ignore color, size or any other data that can be trapped.

So, he remembered one case when the customer has approved the draft of the master bedroom to the yacht, Feadship, but, being in the cabin of marble, saw pale pink onyx, which immediately sunk into the soul. “I could try to dissuade her, but asked myself: in the end, whose is the yacht?”

“During the installation of this material on Board the crew used amp colors — we knew nothing about it”.

In the result, the bathroom has acquired a clumsy pink color that wasn’t similar to the original idea. “Fortunately, she enjoyed it”.

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