Elfutina won the medal race!

September 28, 2019

      Elfutina won the medal race!
      In Torbole on Lake Garda today ended the world championship in the RS: X class. And it ended for us on an otpimistic note. Stefania Elfutina has always been criticized for the fact that she does not conduct medal races in the best way. And today it was the other way around!

Elfutina won the medal race!

No, Elfutina did not win the medal: her lag behind the top three was too significant. But she did everything in her power: thanks to the victory in the medal race, Stefania rose from the seventh place, which she occupied, to the fourth. Cool! Congratulations from Yacht Russia!

At the same time, the three winners look like this. 1. Liu Yongxiu (China) – 45 points. 2. Kati Spichakov (Israel) – 47 (plus Spichakov became the world champion among athletes under the age of 21) – 47. 3. Lilian De Geus (Holland) – 54.

But the results of other Russians. Anna Hvorikova – 39th in the Golden Fleet. Yana Reznkova – 38th in the Silver Fleet.

In men's competitions, the top three winners look like this. 1. Kieran Badloe – 34 points. 2. Dorian van Rijsselberg (both from Holland) – 41. 3. Pierre Le Coquette (France) – 45.

The world champion among athletes under 21 was Tom Reuveni (Israel). In the overall standings, he took 8th place.

Now about the Russian guys. Here are the positions they ended up in. Golden Fleet. … 52. Eugene Ayvazyan. … 64. Vladislav Burmistrenko. Silver fleet. … 75. Alexander Askerov. … 95. Ilya Kirichuk. …one hundred. Maxim Tokarev. … 118. Anton Tokarev. … 127. Dmitry Sandakov.

The final results:



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