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Everything flows, everything changes… a List of famous restaurants in Porto Cervo and surroundings that we recently praised, it is time to reconsider.

To Sardinia complain. Famous Pedrinelli “ended” — there now carry tourists. Crazy Fish, is opened Assunta Madre, more or less, but the prices are crazy. Frati Rossi last year was good, but now very average. Fingers? Will not do: they lowered the price and turned into a sushi place average, not expensive, but not delicious. Of those who continue to keep the brand remain in Spinnaker Porto Cervo and La Taverna in Palau. The latter is not changing, in any case, while the owners are alive and well, we can hope that the food will be delicious. Time to find new places or to take another look at the old.

In Porto Rotondo there is Gelateria Del Molo. It is located right at the port and repeatedly recognized as the best not only in Sardinia but throughout Italy. I go for ten years, but only after dinner, SIP a digestif and eat ice cream — fantastic ice cream; there are even such rare as ice cream made from Buffalo milk.

It is not only a bar but also a restaurant: standing beside a barge with a couple dozen tables (always occupied). Once I arrived guests, take them to dinner was far too lazy, and decided to ask for a table at Del Molo. They say all booked, were given only until nine at night. But they surprised us with food! Moreover, if you want some special fish, you can from morning to order, and dinner will be all you have on the table.

True places should visit in Golfo Aranci. Once it was an industrial port, but in five years, an ambitious young mayor had to rebuild the waterfront, finished it with teak and stone. On Fridays and Saturdays there are live bands and Symphony orchestras, and now many decent restaurants. For Example, Spiaggia Bianca. Solemnly he looks, but stylish: “mushrooms” on a sandy beach, under every table and chairs, and all barefoot (the waiters are also without shoes). The atmosphere is pleasant, the food is high quality: the local chef had previously worked in a Michelin star restaurant. Come here by car, but you can tender to send.

There is in Golfo Aranci and a couple of dozen restaurants a solid four is possible though every day to go to the new one. The place is not yet promoted, but with great potential.

Golfo Aranci is located 15 minutes drive from Olbia, even closer than Porto Rotondo. But the mayor continues to work: remaking old port to the Marina, capable of taking superyachts. The coastline here is so that the port protected from the North by a high mountain is always closed from the Mistral.

Even in Porto Cervo can’t see any big boat, and here they build a giant dock. Now there is a lot of big ships, and in the future this place has become the second largest after Porto Cervo.

I wrote that fish last summer in Sardinia is not caught, so we went to Sicily. On the gastronomic attractions of the island next time, but for now — a couple of observations I have made along the way.

To Sicily, we always approach from the West. On the way to two Islands: little Maritima and more — Favignana. It is logical to assume: the bigger the island the more interesting restaurants. On the Whole they are really full, but all mediocre. In fact, where we were, even managed to cook the lobster inedible, although ruin it is extremely difficult.

But on a very small but beautiful Marittima, in addition to caves and thermal springs are a real treasure — unique and wonderful restaurant, La Scaletta. The chef offers a set menu and cooks perfectly: he is clearly the star, and I think that would have gotten her if he wanted to. And here is downright theatrical approach to desserts. After the dinner you two coming: one holding a tray, the second dunks that somewhere and puts you on the language (eyes need to be closed). It’s a sugar cube soaked in absinthe; it instantly cleans the taste buds, causing us to forget about dinner and prepare for dessert Orgy.

No exaggeration — out of the Elevator wheeling two carts, where all the Sicilian sweets: cassata, cannoli, a variety of syrup-drenched cakes. It all starts you to continuously cast; it’s amazing, the only negative — a lot. But instantly get a glimpse of the Sicilian scale.

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