Damned black flag

After three days of drawing Silver Cup – the world championship (up to 23 years) in a class “Finn” in the Italian Anzio – Michael Yatsun dropped from 8th line in the table on the 12th (he has 80 points).

On Thursday there were 2 races (a total of 8). In the first of these, Michael was the eighth. And secondly… saw a black flag. It’s a shame!

Another Russian representative in Anzio Alexey Moskalev its position, on the contrary, little has improved, and in the second race of the day, finished seventh. And now he’s 20 (120 points).

The leaders now Finn Oskari Muhonen (both races Thursday he won) 15 points, former leader of the Spaniard Joan Cardona is behind by 8 points.

Detailed results after the third day of the championship


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