Tomorrow’s medal race

In the yachting centre on the Japanese island of Enoshima, where in 2020 will host the sailing regatta of the Tokyo Games, continue the test pre-Olympic competitions in which take part many of the strongest yachtsmen of the world.

Interchange is getting closer: tomorrow, Wednesday, will be the medal race in five disciplines – 49er, 49erFX, Nacra 17 and RS:X men and women. The Russians presented in the last two, so with a sailing Board and begin.

RS:X women. According to the results of the 11 races Stefania Elfwina – in fifth position (56 points). To the gold do not reach (from the Chinese woman Liu Junsu now 34 points), but to get into the top three, really. But of course, it needs ideally to be in the medal race and hope that the opponents of Israel, France and the UK will not be so fortunate.

Detailed results –’s-Windsurfer-RSX_as_of_20_AUG_at_1510.pdf

RS:X men. Here we, alas, did not Shine. Before the medal race Alexander Askerov – 21-m site (with 24 participants). Future winner, not really afraid to make a mistake, let’s call the Chinese Gao of Methana, which is ahead of Frenchman Tom Gojara on 16 points.’s-Windsurfer-RSX_as_of_20_AUG_at_1516.pdf

Now the detailed results in the other three disciplines, where also tomorrow will be the medal race, where the Russians do not.’s-Skiff-49er_as_of_20_AUG_at_1642.pdf’s-Skiff-49er-FX_as_of_20_AUG_1439.pdf

In five subjects, as you already know, the medal race will be held on Thursday. Here we are primarily interested in the situation in the class 470 men. After 8 races, Pavel Sozykin and Denis Gribanov are, as before, on 5-th place – 54 points. Unfortunately, the first three of the crew very far away: holding the third position of the Spaniards Jordi Xammar and Nicholas Rodriguez 25 points. But the situation Paul and Denis can improve on the last day of the final races.’s-Two-Person-Dinghy-470_as_of_20_AUG_at_1642.pdf

470 women. Alisa Kirilyuk and Angelica Chernyakhovskaya – in the penultimate place.’s-Two-Person-Dinghy-470_as_of_20_AUG_at_1716.pdf

“Laser-standard”. Not glued Affairs, and Sergey Komissarov – it is only the 24th (27 total participants).’s_One_Person_Dinghy-Laser_as_of_20_AUG_at_1452.pdf

“Laser-radial”. The situation is similar Yekaterina Zyuzina – 38th place (40 participants).’s-One-Person-Dinghy-Laser-Radial_as_of_20_AUG_at_1635.pdf

And the curtain – detailed results in “Finn”. Where our, unfortunately, no.’s-One-Person-Dinghy-Finn_as_of_20_AUG_at_1500.pdf

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