Silver “icing on the cake”

Sergey Komissarov became the second in the Open championship of Japan in class “Laser Standard”

Japan is becoming increasingly “sailing” country in connection with the upcoming Olympic games in 2020. Here are many of the world sailing competition, the world’s strongest sailors now study the characteristics of the local area.

In particular, Japan will host the world Cup 2019 in the Laser standard class, where will my chances all who have not yet qualified for the Olympics. Among them experienced the Russian “laserist”, the champion of the country Sergey Komissarov.

Especially in preparation for the upcoming world championship, Sergey has been here for training camp. And the completion of the collection, “the icing on the cake”, was the open championship of Japan in the class “Laser”, which ended on 4 November.

Turned out he windless has had only 3 races, according to their results, Sergey parishes 1-3-4 took second place, losing only to the Croat Philip Jurisic. The third was vegr Bejamin Vadnai.

Here’s what Sergey told about his collection:

“The waters here are difficult: there are currents, many times. Only from one direction blowing a relatively stable wind.

Race weak and unstable wind was only on 2 November, the other days there was no wind.

Your condition can’t evaluate because a lot of training goes in parallel with General physical preparation. The main thing – looked at the waters and remembered her features in the future.

The plans – part in black sea regatta in December will go to the gathering in the Croatian Split. New year’s meeting at home, in Sochi, where they will stay until January 20.

I want to thank the Ministry of sport of the Russian Federation, Academy of sailing, ryf, GBU MO COWS and company SLAM Russia with materiel and the organization of the training process. Traditional thank you and all those who follow my progress and support!”

Evgeny Kitaev,

the press service of the Academy sailing of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg.


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