Today’s three medal races

Held in Genoa (Italy) world Cup 2019 will be held on Saturday the medal race in three classes – the 49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17.

To catch up, Friday, “forty-ninth” (men and women) were held for 4 of the race – in the end they turned 9. In the Nacra 17 is also 4, but racing in total, came 7.

In none of these three classes of Russians, unfortunately, in the medal race missed. 49er: Jan Cech/ Ivan Zotov – 15-e a place, Konstantin Nosov/ Alexander Gaydaenko – 56-E. 49erFX: Zoya Novikova/ Diana Sabirova – 42-e a place. Nacra 17: Maxim Semenov/ Alina Schetinkina – 24-e a place, Sergey Dzhienbaev/ Sofia Kiseleva – 32-E.

In the other five classes today will continue the fight for a place in Sunday’s medal race. The Russians represented only in two of these classes – this men’s 470 (yet only held 4 races) and Laser (6). It is in these classes are our main hope, but Paul Sozykin and Denis Gribanov (24th place) and Sergey Komissarov (15th) to play at their best to win a place in the medal race.

Our other two in the Laser class now the positions: 36. Daniil Krutskikh. …50. Cyril Evfimievski.

Detailed results after the competition on Friday!/results?classId=681a89b8-b15a-4932-b826-14252e4928fb

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