The sailing season starts in St. Petersburg!

May 30, 2019

      The sailing season starts in St. Petersburg!
      A press conference is devoted to this, which will be held on June 4 at 14.00 in the Media Center of the Government of St. Petersburg (Zvenigorodskaya St., 22).

The sailing season starts in St. Petersburg!

In 2019, the Northern Capital will host the RS: X (Windsurfing) Junior World Sailing Championship for the first time. In addition, there will be one of the largest yachting festivals of Russia “Baltic Yacht Week”, the stage of the European Champions Sailing League, St. Petersburg Sailing Week, the stage of the National Sailing League, the Nord Stream Race and other competitions.

During the press conference, the speakers will talk in more detail about the key events of the upcoming season, current infrastructure yacht projects, as well as priorities for the development of the industry and the problems of their achievement.

Among them: issues of development of St. Petersburg yacht clubs, the development of sea tourism, youth sailing sports and sports of high achievements, attracting investors to the industry and solving conflicts of interests of business and sports.

Press conference speakers:

– Representative of the Committee on Physical Culture and Sport;

– Sergey Alekseev, President of the St. Petersburg Sailing Union, Chairman of the Presidium of the All-Russian Sailing Federation;

– Vladimir Lyubomirov, Commander of the Yacht Club of St. Petersburg, Vice-President of the St. Petersburg Sailing Union;

– Diana Krutskikh, head coach of the St. Petersburg national sailing team;

– Nikita Diamonds, a member of the Board of Captains of the St. Petersburg River Yacht Club of Trade Unions, a member of the Presidium of the St. Petersburg Sailing Union.

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